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  1. post YOUR EMAILS addressess… MY emails have apparently not been going through…. and now I can not find where you give the email addresses.


    1. Hi Frances,
      I am so proud of you for designing your own quilt! You can do it. This is very similar to the Sawtooth Star we did for the Sampler. This one looks like it has more pieces.Let me know if you need some patterns for other stars or if you need it in a different size and I can help you. Email me so I have your new address. Thanks.

  2. Yay, a triple header! Podcasts from my three favourite podcasters all in one day – love everybody, but you, Pam and Sandy are definitely my favourites 🙂

    I’ll gladly help try and figure out the Lintott gals’ instructions for you, if you want to mail the scan to me – maybe as a Brit I might understand their thinking or wording differently to an American.

    Essentially though, what you’re going to need to put your hexagons together as strips of triangles and end up with straight ends, are right-angle triangles that are half of one of the equilateral triangles that make 1/6th of a hexagon. Take your template that you used to cut the big triangles, mark a line up the centre, add a 1/4″ seam allowance on the outside of that centre line, et voilĂ . I can draw it for you in Corel Draw later.

  3. Hi Frances,
    Often magazines have alternate sizes for quilts in the issue, or they have them available online. Fons & Porter has “online extras”, might be worth checking out what they include. Have fun with your new calculator and the design process.

  4. Lovely peek at your newest project. Stars are soooo big right now. I think 2012 will be the year for star quilts. Your colors look like they will be warm and cozy.
    And you have hooked me into Downton Abby – thanks girlfriend.
    Victoria – Peacebrook

  5. very classy colors! and i love sawtooth stars–i always gravitate to them in quilt patterns. just wondering why you made the center a 4-patch? and now i’m so curious about the lintott girls’ directions–can you just take a quickie photo so we can all try and figure it out?

  6. oh, i just saw your hexagon garden blocks –is it possible that the instructions say to just cut off the angles on the side blocks to get a straight edge? i’ve seen that on other patterns before.

  7. I am a recent newbie to the world of listening to quilting podcasts while longarming and so much enjoy yours! Great voice for audio! Your voice has a calming effect while I’m on the machine. Love the batiks with the sawtooth star block. sue from Ohio

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