3 Replies to “Episode 254: Empty Nest Quilting”

  1. I’m still in the middle of listening. I started last night when I saw the new episode but then paused to catch some Z’s. Thanks for posting a new episode. I miss hearing what you’ve been up to. Anyway what brought me to comment (as I usually comment in my head) was the convo about blogs. It’s very interesting as I am feeling the same. I used to blog more regularly several years ago and then was consumed with instagram etc etc. It was hard to do both and IG was faster. But I missed actually writing everything as a documentation of my craft progress and my life. As well as the small community of quilters I met and started conversations with. I’ve started posting again – not nearly as often as I used but a little more. I look forward to hearing the rest of the episode.

    1. I just went over and commented on your blog (and will add to it my blog roll, which I need to go through to see which blogs are still up and running). I’m so glad you’re back at it. I do think it’s something a lot of us are missing–both writing blog posts and reading them.

  2. Hey! After a long absence, I just listened to this post. (I decided to dive right in to the present instead of trying to catch up on the old ones.)

    You got me with the fading face. I now only wear bright colors because anything pale looks like a shroud on me. And I like color.

    I will add your new podcast to my feed. I also hope to get back to posting on mine.

    Take care,

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