0 Replies to “Episode 72: Stars Galore”

  1. I very much like that you put movement into the central square of the stars by cutting up the block.

    I must admit I wish I could be an East Coast girl for a few days and see all the internet voices in person at the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival. I am sure the show will be as good as their (Mancuso) PIQF show so maybe it is just as well. My credit card is still melted from Christmas time. Have fun, maybe post a picture of you all meeting at the show??

  2. I liove your batik star blocks. They are beautiful. I also like your block of the month. You do really fabulous work!

  3. love the stars. thanks for another great episode. I hope you are feeling better. I want you to know that just as Pam is your Friday Night date, you are my Saturday Morning Friend! I listen every Saturday while I am doing my chores and it makes doing something I don’t like doing very much enjoyable! Thanks for that!

  4. I love the fabrics you are using for the stars!

    BTW: I am now hooked on Downton Abbey. My husband has been watching it all along, and since you mention it often, I decided that I would “give it a try”. I sat down Saturday evening and watched the first episode from season one. Well, by Sunday afternoon, I had seen every episode and was up to date and ready to watch the newest episode with my husband on Sunday night.

  5. Oh, wow – thanks for the really sweet shout-out in last week’s episode! I’m glad that I could help you out. Yes, that is exactly what this quilting community means to me, too. I may not be very active, but if I can do something to help, then I’m more than happy to. I’ve learned so much from all the various podcasts and blogs, I’m glad to be able to give something back.

    Love the batik stars, and the BOM – I look forward to seeing how they both progress.

    I have a feeling that I just might have to go out and buy the Downton Abbey DVDs…

  6. Ditto what Kelly the Fifth said about being an East Coast Gal. I was so tempted to come join you all but as it would take me about five plane rides to get there (not to mention the $$$), I’m going to stay here on the West Coast and live vicariously through tweets and blog posts.
    Love the stars- especially the orange one.
    Thank you so much for wishing my little podcast a happy 1st anniversary – what a treat that was to hear while doing the dishes the other night. You made my day!

  7. Hi Frances,
    Thanks for not being able to figure out how to finish the hexagon block edges. I had the same problem with my huge grandmother’s flower garden quilt and when you mentioned to cut off the border I just had the light turned on 🙂 That’s what I’ll do with mine. I started to listen to Your podcast a few weeks ago and I’m almost caught up to date. (Unfortunately I couldn’t download most of Your old episodes before ep. 27) I love your quilt diaries even when they have nothing to do with quilting. I listen to You while I do everyday chores and while I clean. Time goes by a lot faster! Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to Your podcasts!

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