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  1. You are making some very neat quilts! Another subject – British TV. I found acornonline.com/acorntv, and for $25/year you have streaming access to tons of British television, lots of Masterpiece Theatre and other series. How cool is that!

  2. I loved hearing the fire crackling. It has been summer here and the sound of fire made me kind of miss winter which I am sure will return soon to L.A.

    The hexagon quilt is beautiful and I am unfamiliar with this specific pattern. I like it and can see it on a wall someplace for sure – or a bed! I haven’t made a large quilt in a long time but this quilt would make wonderful gift for weddings or babies which are definitely in my family’s future.

    The book reviews were also appreciated. I like this about yours and Tanesha’s podcasts.

  3. The Bento Box turned out really well. I think the hexagon quilt will be stunning. Time for you to visit and give me a lesson.

    Love, Mom

  4. Frances, I am serious about changing the fact that we women are exhausted from the Christmas stuff. I am so burned out from it, I dread its coming next year even now. I am far from Scrooge, and love the idea and reason for the season. I fell asleep at 8 pm on Christmas eve, my family did not even notice me gone. I missed some events because I was so passed out. Really, what can we do? Its not as easy as starting earlier, either.

  5. Love the Bento Box, and like the scrappy look of the hexagons. Listening this morning, it suddenly occurred to me – since you love batiks and jelly rolls – have you yet come across the batik equivalent? A couple of manufacturers produce them, Hoffmann of California call theirs ‘Bali Pops’ and Timeless Treasures make ‘Tonga Treats’ both have 40 2 1/2″ strips, the Bali Pops have 1 strip each of 40 fabrics, the other has 2 strips each of 20 fabrics. Looking at their website, I see that Thimble Pleasures have just gotten the Bali Pops – check them out, you’ll love them, I bet!

    I read Kate Morton’s ‘The Forgotten Garden’ a couple of years ago, and really enjoyed it, so I will look into ‘The House at Riverton’, thnaks for the recommendation. I just read your ‘Shooting The Moon’, by the way, and loved it! Need to see what else the Kindle Shop has to offer 🙂

    The main reason I treated myself to an iPad for Christmas was to get the BBC iPlayer app and finally get to watch things like ‘Cranford’. My mum used to tape all those kind of things for me and mail them to me.

  6. The hexagon quilt is looking great. I is my dream to get the colors right. Enjoy listening to your podcast. I am new at this bit catching on. Its great fun,especially when your family is just not that interested in your addiction.

  7. Frances, the Bento Box looks great! Love the scrappy binding – sets off the grey border really well. The Hexagon Garden Quilt is coming on nicely.

  8. I love your quilts. It seems you went from beginner to expert in no time!

    I wanted to check out the BOM you and your mom were doing. What was that website? Martha?

    I also wanted to thank you for doing something you didn’t realize I needed. You have started to share how you are quilting and I really appreciate. I haven’t progressed beyond straight-line quilting but purchased a couple of templates and hope to try it out soon.


  9. As you said, NC weather can be delightful, but then the rains set in. This January day in Asheville has been dark, dreary, and wet, continuous rain soaking the garden and dampening the spirits. The shock of the arrival of intense wind, lightning, and thunder—in the middle of January— sort of snapped me out of the depression I was sinking into, although I find it’s a “bad” kind of excitement for this time of year.

    I truly admire your quilts and enjoy your podcast.

  10. Beautiful quilts! That hexagon quilt is developing quite a personality. Loved hearing the fireplace in the background on your last podcast. It sounded so cozy and warm.

  11. a thought about the “ugly” quilts… depending on what the issue is, you might consider overdying the completed quilt to bring some unity and reduce contrast. Since you do knit, you may be familiar w/ Sally Melville and a sweater she did with lots of things that didn’t really work, then overdyed and brought it all together.

  12. Thanks for the inspiration on the Bento Box – I decided to spontaneously make one as my last top at our guild Getaway Weekend. I haven’t gotten to making the back yet, but it was a perfect use for a jelly roll I had bought spontaneously before the weekend just to have something to work with.

    Love the podcast – ramblings and all!

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