8 Replies to “Episode 253: Reset”

  1. Hello Travis, you like like a really sweet boy. I have a grand dog BB who looks a lot like you , he is a Havanese.

  2. Travis is looking good! Congrats on the upcoming publish and good luck with the CQ submissions. Your mini is fantastic!

  3. Oh, I love the Utility Quilt!
    Looking forward to seeing your Zine. Following up on last podcast, maybe one cyould discuss hand vs machine piecing, who people choose one or the other, etc.
    Liked the discussion on labels. I’ve never made one, and regret not doing so. I keep two notebooks that have a photo, talk about who it was made for, why I made it, etc, but I got to thinking that this is of absolutely no use to anyone but me. I’m doing the Patchwork and Prose BOM and am looking forward to the session on labels!
    Anyway, loved your podcast, as usual, and give Travis the Quiltdog a Pat for me!

    1. Hi, Robin!Travis is sitting next to me as I write this and I just gave him a pat for you! Do you hand piece or machine piece? I almost always machine piece, but I truly enjoyed hand quilting the challenge blocks. I love machine piecing just for the race car thrill of putting the pedal to the metal. But more and more, I want to slow down. I think it’s great you keep a notebook, but yes–the future would appreciate labels. I’m going to be featured on the Patchwork & Prose BOM–in June, maybe? It’s going to be fun! Thanks for your comment! xoxo

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