Episode 214: Sit By Me!

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Getting to the finish line on “Sit-In”:

Border talk:

My new recording studio!


Go listen to my girl Amy Milne, Executive Director of the Quilt Alliance, on the Crafty Planner podcast:



And then go check out the Quilt Alliance:


Interesting column from Abby Glassenberg:

The Real Truth About Crafting For Charity

Crafty Planner Podcast

5 Replies to “Episode 214: Sit By Me!”

  1. Hi Frances,
    I often think of the question “are there too many quilts?” because i get asked often about what can I possibly do with all the ones I make. I keep most of them and give some a special gifts. I do make charity quilts and I think that there are several quilts for children’s groups that use the quilts most! I think of Quilts for Cure or any other group who is giving kids quilts whether the kids are sick or in your dream going in to Foster care. I don’t want to give quilts where they aren’t needed or loved because quite honestly there is so much love, time and money into them.

    Excited about your Quilt Fiction Project. i am an audio book gal, I can’t read much these days due to medical stuff and I feel left out often LOL. I will watch you site and for your newsletters.

    I have to say that shifting a mindset from quilting from my creative place to trying to get in a quilt show nearly destroyed my creativity. I still so try but I found the disappointment so hard and then I was trying to make things that I thought a show would like. It is not for me. However, I make quilts from my creative spot and occasionally that one will get in a show. I found that to save my sanity.

    enjoyed the podcast and I hope your fall weather continues. We are headed into peak fall color but first a 80 degree warm up!

  2. Hello Frances, I am listening and thoroughly enjoy your podcasts. Really love The Chair quilt and think your star quilt will be beautiful. There is something about star quilts that always appeal to me. Thank you fior podcasting

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