Episode 215:

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“Sit-In” AKA the Chair Quilt is finally done!


It’s good to be done, but I enjoyed every minute of the process!

The Stars Upon Stars quilt, so far:


In other news …

Christa Watson has a new book out and it looks fab!

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Recent reading:

Small Hours by Jennifer Kitses

See you next time!

20 Replies to “Episode 215:”

  1. Was not sure I was crazy about it during construction, but I love the finished quilt. The bright colors are superb. The back is great too. I especially like the chairs put on the back. Wonderful quilt name. Great job.

  2. I love your podcast! The fact that it’s “home made” is one of the main reasons. Professional podcasts have their place, but I like hearing about a quilter’s personal experiences with quilts, quilting, and life, without feeling that I’m being urged to buy a tool or pattern or fabric line. Quilter celebrity interviews can be interesting, but frankly, listening to high-energy go-getters often makes me feel tired and “less than.” Mostly, I’ll just check out their book from the library or look at their stuff online, thanks. I’ve been listening to you for about a year, but never commented until today. I had to let you know that I would seriously miss you if you stopped!!

  3. Cute back … like the chair on it
    I hope you take and post a picture of your stars … love pics of works in progress … sometimes more then pics of a finished quilt.
    Once a quilt is washed can you iron the wrinkle out ??? Never tried that before.

    If you break down a magazine …. get rid of the ads, delete the announcements of events that have passed. You will be left with less than 1/3 of the original magazine. If you save patterns you love you will usually only save one or two. That was why I personally no longer buy magazines.

    I also found that the quilts in the magazines are too “blended” they are just trying to sell fabrics lines never mind the quilts are bland and flat looking ….of course this is just my opinion.

    Be back to comment when I have finished listening to the podcast.


  4. Francis,
    I have been a quilter for 50 years a reader forever (65 years) fell in love with birds in the air book and quilts….
    I am hanging on to the technology growth.. so just discovered podcasting etc. a year or so ago. I have been an audiobook and paper book and any other type of book listener/reader forever… all this to say. Love your podcast, love your blog, waiting patiently for your next book..
    l love listening to you while I quilt….I am out here in the techno world….I am listening and reading ????????????keep going

  5. The chair quilt is so fab!! I look forward to listening to your chat during my next quilting session. Isn’t it funny that I plan my quilting around when the podcasts will be out?? LOL!!

  6. Francis,
    Please do continue to blog! I so enjoy the personal quality of your posts and agree that new blogs have gone in a different direction. As a former middle school teacher, I worry about our reading habits. We push kids to read in school and yet many adults don’t read anything beyond tweets or Facebook posts. This is not to say that I don’t enjoy social media. I found you after watching The Stitch tv show.
    I really love the finish on Sit In! Those ghost chairs really speak to me. I enjoyed hearing your thoughts as you processed through the layout and the quilting and that could only happen because you keep blogging.
    Lastly, please continue to write for middle level students. There is such a great need for truly good fiction for that Fantastic age.

    Thanks for all you are doing!
    Betty George

  7. Thanks so much for mentioning the blog hop! I am really excited about the second season of my podcast and all things going on in my quilting journey. Appreciate all your support and encouragement for my little home made podcast and I do believe that there is a place for anyone’s podcast in this world but especially creative podcasts. I think that we just need to find a way to let others know about them. I think that quilters love to listen to quilters. And overly produced stuff gets pretty stuffy sometimes.

    Stars, they will NEVER be out of style. They will always be a huge hit with people, both quilters and those how love quilts. I know they are my favorite and I have 2 challenge stars I have on my bucket list. I am hoping to make them this winter as mini quilts but we will see how time management goes.

    I cant read much anymore myself and I get what your saying about people not being able to read much these days. It may be as much about competition for our time and attention as anything else. However, I have 2 series that I am completely devoted to and use as my “comfort food”. Both the books as well as the movies. I keep re -reading Sam Gamgee’s speech in the final movie of LOTR. It help me in times of world strife and troubles. It is what motivates me to show up everyday and do my day job as well as in life.

    Frodo : What are we holding on to, Sam?
    Sam : That there’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo. And it’s worth fighting for.
    —- Lord of the Rings

  8. Oh my goodness I love this quilt! You must be so proud of it! The back is fabulous too.

    Totally agree about reading. I find that I have to make a conscious effort to read now when I used to always have a book in my hand. Now it’s my dang phone. Working on that habit because I find my own creativity is lessened when I don’t read as much. Please don’t stop podcasting – I’ve never been one for the professionally produced ones, even though I can appreciate the work.

    I hope you got to enjoy every moment with Will home from school. It’s just the best feeling ever to have everybody back under the same roof, even for just a few nights.

  9. Commenting!!! I adore you and your podcast!! I actually prefer “homemade”, chatty podcasts. Interview podcasts tend to get too political for my tastes. I prefer to not have politics in my quilts! Sewing is one of my respites from the world’s troubles, and I feel there are better avenues for people to express their political views!

    And, your quilt is fabulous and I expect to see it hanging at Quiltcon in Nashville!


  10. Hi Frances, I’ve been a listener for many years now and have commented only a couple of other times. I will do better! I thoroughly enjoy your podcast. It’s nice to hear your updates, both quilt-related and life in general. I usually listen while driving and don’t often make it to your blog to see photos. Glad I did this time – I love getting to see Sit-In! Thank you for continuing to podcast. I would greatly miss hearing from you 🙂

  11. A New Listener
    PLEASE don’t stop podcasting. I am late to quilt podcasts and enjoy them immensely. My only disappointment is that so many have seemingly “ended” since I began listening. I am grateful for those that continue, especially yours! Your homemade style is my favorite. Also, I loved “Birds in the Air” and am looking forward to your next book.

  12. Hi, just wanted to let you know that people are out here listening to your podcasts. I have followed your journey with the chair quilt. Love the final results. I can’t wait for the new book to be available. One thing I like about your podcasts is that you step outside and let us hear nature sounds or neighborhood stuff in the background. It makes it feel like a visit to your home. Thank you for taking the time to podcast.

  13. I’ve been listening forever and still enjoy your podcast. In fact, it’s about the only one I still listen to and I don’t quilt much lately. I still read books, almost exclusively at night in bed. Daylight seems to belong to Instagram!

  14. I agree that the internet has made it harder to settle down and read. I read a lot of books on my iPad and I have to stop myself from skipping over to check Facebook or Instagram all the time. It’s the same at work – hard to settle to a longer stretch of the same task. I feel like I have ADD.

    (Skipping to a completely different topic). An improvisational quilter who seems to strike a good balance all the time is Cheryl Arkinson. I follow her on Instagram. When she starts a project, I’m always thinking, “Oh that’s not going to look good”, but when she puts it all together, it always does.

  15. Hi Frances, I haven’t commented “on paper” for a while so I owe you one.
    Glad that you have finally finished “Sit-In”. I always find that there is a point when I just want a quilt finished because I’m over it and then the love build again.
    I do like some of the professional podcasters but not all. Interviews where in-depth questions are asked and answered can be very interesting but there are quite a few interviewers who don’t have that skill and what you end up listening to is a sales pitch for someone’s newest tool/fabric/book. Interviewing isn’t an easy task but interviewers need to be sure that they are leading the interview and not the other way round. I think that there is a place for both professional and “home-made” podcasts. I like listening to someone that I have grown to know over a number of years watched their podcasting and quilting skills grow over that time. After all when you go to a Quilt show you don’t want to see quilts made entirely by professionals or entirely by people at the same stage as yourself. Both give a wider viewpoint. I do miss a lot of the podcasters whose lives are just too busy now but hopefully some might come back at some point…..
    I can’t live without a book to read. It has to happen ever day or I’m not a nice person. I have to disagree about the internet taking over. I’m actually walking away from a lot this year. I’m fed up with the nit-picking, nastiness and general dislike of others’ point of view which is unfortunately all to evident on a lot of the Quilting internet this year. I was always told if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything but I I think a better maxim for the internet might be “Would I say this to someone’s face? No then DON’T say it on FB/instagram etc. Just because you can write it doesn’t mean that you should.

  16. I have NEVER commented online (only in my head 🙂 but I’ve listened to you since you started. It would feel like I’d lost a friend if you stopped podcasting and I’m sure there are a lot of listeners who feel the same way. Your “umm’s” just make me smile and know you are real. So even though it is a lot of work and takes a good deal of your time , I hope you will keep podcasting!

  17. Love your chair quilt! Congratulations on your finish! Star quilts are timeless. I’m also working on a star quilt.
    I have been listening to your podcast (and commenting in my head) for a year or so. I like listening to chatty podcasts while I’m quilting.

  18. I have a copy of the 3rd issue of Quilt Digest that I would love to send to you as a small token of my appreciation for your podcast. Let me know if you are interested.

    1. oh gee! I just ordered QD#3 off of ebay a few days ago–but thank you so much for your generous offer! I really appreciate it!

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