Episode 213: Back to School!

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Ghost chair! Boo!

This is a picture of me, the Man and Jack about five minutes before we left Jack at Davidson. Jack looks happy. The Man and I look gobsmacked. As it should be!

Latest read: The Bright Hour: A Memoir of Living and Dying by Nina Riggs. Highly Recommend (though it will break your heart).

See you next time!

4 Replies to “Episode 213: Back to School!”

  1. FRANCES ….. YOU are too hard on yourself … you have become one of the most adventurist quilters I personally know. You started quilting traditionally and expended to artistic and modern quilts of your own designs. YOU actually quilt your quilts. I still often quilt by check book and we started at about the same time on our quilting adventures. You are ignoring the growth in your quilting, your willingness to explore new styles and new techniques…. SO GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK.

  2. Sitting down to quilt two quilts so of course it’s a chance to catch up on your podcasts! Haven’t even listened to this one yet but wanted to post a comment here for episode #211 since it’s already closed because of the Podcastiversary Giveaway (missed it, darn it!!). My comment is about the cost of Basting Spray (which I love to use for minis): I came across an alternative recently: Make Your Own! You can find the information from Kim at Chatterbox Quilts here: http://www.chatterboxquilts.com/blog/multi-purpose-quilt-spray. I admit I haven’t tried it yet since when I discovered it I had already pin basted one of the two quilts I’m working on and had used leftover fusible batting for the other. Hope this is of use and hope to comment again when I’m fully caught up!

  3. Great podcast! I listen to several podcasts that are “dramatic readings” of stories and/or books. You have such a great voice you will be great at it!! I will subscribe!!

    I’m sending Jack warm wishes and risky (oops) I mean adventurous experiences!

  4. Congrats on the college drop off – you seem to be taking it well in stride; my sons each brought home a bin of school supplies which had stayed untouched under the bed for freshman year. At least they could be put to good use by others. My youngest is a bit of a clothes horse – mostly vintage/ goodwill/ up cycled, even items I had worn back in the day, so I am still mailing boxes to her in Ohio ( from Oregon) of things she will ‘really need’ once it gets cold again. I am glad to see your progress on the chair quilt. I love the improvisational uniformity of it! Looks great!

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