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  1. I understand, I have noticed that since I have been substitute teaching that I have been working like everyday. I haven’t had any time to quilt or go to my guild meetings. I miss it a lot since has helped calm me down when I have been stressed out. Even with no episode this week going back to some old episodes will help me through till you make one for Thursday. I can’t wait to hear it.

  2. Hey Francis! I have been listening to your podcasts this morning and really enjoying them. I am also a UMASS Amherst girl! I lived up in Orchard Hill.
    Somehow I have missed listening to your podcast in the past which is odd because I listen to quite a few. So now I’ll be listening more and I hope to read one of your books as well.
    Happy Quilting!
    Sandi (Quilt Cabana Patterns)

  3. Hi Frances,
    I’m a long time listener. I’ve commented a few times. I am also an avid reader of many genres. I have read several of your more recent books, and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed them! I know I would have loved them as a tweenager, but I also enjoyed them as adult reads – great insight into the lives of the kids, not everything wraps up neatly, but kids learn how to find a way through that is authentic to their own lives. I loved the fantasy element in ‘Falling In’, and the fox and crow in ‘Abigail Walker’. In that book you quote from Wendell Berry, and have mentioned him on your podcast. I am intrigued, and am wondering where to start with this author. Could you recommend (on your podcast perhaps) a book of his to start with?
    Many thanks, Margaret

  4. Really? You did this much on your sil’s quilt? I am such a slacker! LOL Actually with christmas coming and I’m a long-arm quilter, my clients are bringing me 3-5 quilts at a time instead of one. Feel like I am just standing in front of my machine. January/February will be nice as that is my slow time. Absolutely love how this quilt is working up. Can’t wait to see it completely done. 🙂

  5. Have a great week. It doesn’t always need to include quilting although most of my best weeks do. You and “Shoot the Moon” kept me company yesterday while I waited for my sister to attend a couple of appointments. Call me the Taxi Driver this week. Perfect way to spend the time. I spent some time at Ft Hood and am currently in the Ft. Carson area so I really enjoyed the story. You continue to impress.

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