Episode 55: What to do, what to do

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My new design wall, introduced to you by Betty the Mannequin,

who needs a new prom dress.

Feedback. please: QNN or The Quilt Show? Do you subscribe to either? Both? If so, which should I choose and why?

More feedback: Resources for the advance beginners who want to perfect their skills? Let me know where I should go/what I should do to become a better quilter!

Episode 52: I Went to Visit My Mom and All I Got was this Lousy …

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BERNINA, baby!

That’s right, I said “Bernina.”

More on that soon.

ETA: 8-17-11/9 p.m.  Podbean has been down all afternoon, so I haven’t been able to post the episode. Fingers crossed I can get it up tomorrow!

Some pictures of knitting, since I have no quilting pix to share:

Will’s Harry Potter sweater.

Still life with “Garden and Gun” sock and melons