Special Ep: QuiltCon 2019, Part 2


Okay, here are some pix of the quilts I talk about:

Best in Show: “Smile” by By Leanne Chahley, Stephanie Ruyle, Felicity Ronaghan, Kari Vojtechovsky, Melissa Ritchie, Diane Stanley, Marci Debetaz, Debbie Jeske, Karen Foster, Hillary Goodwin


“Double-Edged Love” by Victoria Findlay Wolfe


“My Brother’s Jeans” by Melissa Averinos


“Going Up” by Stephanie Skardal


“Separated” by Val Lubereck


“Carolinas” by Terry Peart


“Passage #3” by Carson Converse




“Line After Line: by Michelle Settle


“Briar Rose” by Patty Dudek


“Weave” by Susan Slusser Clay


“Random Hexagons by the Block” by Catherine Redford



“But, Was that Me?” by Heidi Parkes

One Reply to “Special Ep: QuiltCon 2019, Part 2”

  1. As a beginner quilter I came across your podcast and the quilt fiction podcast a few months ago. I started with the newer episodes of this podcast and when they ran out i started back with some of the earlier episodes. In some ways that has been fun because one can see how the vision for some of your creative projects started. While I have been commenting in my head for these past months I wanted to be sure to leave a real comment. As someone very new to quilting it has been great to learn more about quilt history and all the goings on in the world of quilting through the podcast. Looking forward to the next episode.

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