Episode 67: Christmas Rush

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Can I finish my Christmas quilts? It remains to be seen …

Here’s Razzle Dazzle with one set of borders. I’ll add another set tonight and quilt it over the weekend.

Next week I’ll have pix of Caitlyn’s Pinwheel and the finished Razzle Dazzle for you, and hopefully some Bento Box progress. Fingers crossed!

Oh, Katie of Kate’s Quilting Daydreams asked for a picture of the curved hearts stencil. Here you go, Katie! Post an episode soon, would you?

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  1. Frances – I’m not a red/orange person, but love what you have done with razzle dazzle. You are making so much progress on your projects lately, keep it up it is getting my motivation going. Thanks Vanessa (Australia)

  2. http://quiltingstencils.com/




    Google quilting stencils and you a lot of shops to pick from.

    Maybe you should consider buying your stencils on line since you said your LQS does not carry a big selection. You can visualize the pattern make a mock up and then and then order something you like. YOU CAN SHOP IN YOUR PJs. I have ordered some of my stencils and then had my L-arm quilt use the patterns as a jump off for her work. It allows us to collaborate better.

    For a trial run:
    I have large pieces of vinyl and use as dry erase to mock up the quilt pattern. I lay it over the block and draw out my quilting idea. I use painter tape on the edge because dry erase ink will stain fabric. You can erase the dry erase on the vinyl and do as many patterns as you like.

  3. Wow – Razzle Dazzle is wonderful! On pins – have you tried a magnetic pin holder? The down side is that your pins are magnetized – and will stick to your clippers or scissors. The up side is that you can sweep the holder to pick them up. I use several kinds – the grabbit bowl, which is also a great weight to hold things on the table, a wand, which I use with my longarm because it is light enough to stick to the roller bars, and a telescoping wand, for those pins that try to escape underneath or behind things. Some people swear by a bowl you can get at the automotive shops, also magnetized, which is made for small parts. I did ask more than one sewing machine person about having one next to my electronic machine, and they said no problem.

  4. Frances, so often I miss commenting on your blog here because I see the blog post before I listen to the episode! So I’m commenting immediately this time! The razzle dazzle looks great so far and I’m looking forward to seeing the bento box. Have a great week!

  5. I love Razzle Dazzle- love the colors. You are getting so much done and I am doing nothing! At least listening to your podcast makes me feel like I am quilting by association. Haven’t listened yet- but looking forward to it.

  6. Miss Frances,

    I am now adopting what you said to Jack in my life. Anytime a kid answers a question I have asked with, “Fine”, I will ask him/her to “Give me a verb.” That is great.

    I use a wand magnet I brought home from school to “sweep” my rug in my sewing area often. I am always afraid Sierra Sunrise will get a pin in her pad.

    Kai Ryssdal, the weekday Marketplace host, does have a great voice. He can actually make money sound exciting – amazing.

    Lastly, I just Razzle Dazzle. I have only used warm colors a few times in quilts. I think I need to give them more of a try!

  7. Dear Frances,
    Razzle Dazzle looks gorgeous! Someone else said you are on fire and I agree! I hope you won’t lose steam after the new year. I know that KellyV borrowed that wand magnet from work and brings it back after use. 😉

  8. Hi Francis! I have not been commenting but I have definitely been listening. I always enjoy listening to you. I went to my Joann’s looking for stencils after listening to your last podcast and could not find a one! I asked and they told me that they discontinued them! Bummer! Razzle Dazzle is dazzling!

  9. Love the colorway on Razzle Dazzle! Looking forward to seeing the final borders!

    And I laughed at your conversation with Jack. When my daughter was younger and I’d call home from out of town, I’d have to keep telling her, “Could I get more than one syllable, please?” (She inherited my introvert nature and really isn’t much of a phone girl, although now she’s at college we Skype frequently.)

  10. Love the Razzle Dazzle.

    My son also did the “Talented Youth” thing although ours came with outrageously expensive camps at Johns Hopkins. He also said it was “Fine”. He’s in his second year of college now where everything is still “Fine”. His grades, in my opinion, are not so fine. I think he went from a talented youth to majoring in party. Apparently college partying is “Fine”.

    And tell Jack that if they don’t change the test before it really counts, they all say that sometimes they throw in really dumb essay questions. In his senior year most of his friends took them again because the essay part sucked their scores into the abyss. They all did much better in the essay the second time.

  11. Labels: I sew mine on to the back before I quilt it, quilting the label into the quilt, making it very difficult to remove. Especially in college dorms, theft among kids is pretty widespread.

  12. Love Razzle Dazzle. It makes me smile and feel happy. Frances, how do stencils work? What exactly do you use to transfer the motif to the fabric?

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