Episode 41: The First Podcastaversary Episode!

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May 12 marks TOKQ’s first year in the podcast universe (in the episode I say I think it’s May 10th; I was wrong)!

It’s been a most fantabulous year, and to celebrate I’m doing a double give-away. Leave a comment and you could win either a copy of Layer Cake, Jelly Roll and Charm Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott OR Stitched, a documentary film about art quilters. You can enter both give-aways or just one—up to you—but please be sure to specify one (and which one), the other, or both.

Deadline: May 31st, 2011.

Here is a picture of the double pinwheel block I just finished for my class for Jaye:

And here’s all three of the blocks together, though I imagine in the finished quilt they’ll find new friends:

This week I’ll be working on the following blocks: Card Trick, Sawtooth Star, and Dutchman’s Puzzle. Fun!

Want to help Cindy of Fluffy Sheep Quilting with her most wonderful community quilt project? Email her at fluffysheepquilting@gmail.com.

0 Replies to “Episode 41: The First Podcastaversary Episode!”

  1. Second is also good!
    Happy to have something to listen to while I am seewing this eve!
    I´would prefer the film, because I got the book allready!
    And I wanted to tell you: No Episode is WORTHLESS cause we love to hear from you even if you have not much to say!
    Grüße aus Deutschland

  2. Count me in Frances! Congratulations on the anniversary! I don’t think I’ve ever kept up anything for a whole year. I’d prefer the Lintott book, should I be selected. Thanks so much!

  3. Hello and congradulations…. I so enjoy your podcasts…. YOU and Sandy inspired me to try podcasting… it took a while but I just love the conversations that occur. YOU do know your are inspiring other podcasters… Katie in her QUIET QUILTING CORNER and the new girl QUILTER IN THE GAP…. I just love listening to everyone.

    I think I would like to book so when YOU talk about your quilts I will know what you are refering too. I get tired of running down to JoAnn fabrics and looking for the book so I can figure it out. Amazon does not show any pictures of the quilts… bummer. SO I REALLLLLLLLY REALLLLLY NEED THE BOOK.


    I will probablly make a quilt from it cause I now have three 3 foot drawers filled with the jelly rolls, charm squares I have been cutting up from my fabric stash. I want to be a MODERN QUILTER ( instead of a crazy one.)

    Love ya,


  4. Congratulations on your anniversary! I love your podcast and listen to it while I’m out walking my dogs, so I can feel like I’m quilting when I’m getting a little exercise. Either give away would be fine with me.

  5. Hi Frances. Congratulations on your podcastaversary! I’ve been listening and loving it since day one.

    I’ve already got the book, but would love to win the DVD.

  6. Hi Frances,

    I started downloading podcasts in May 2010 and you had about 3 podcasts posted. Although there were several other podcasts out there, I thought since you were new and I was new, I’d start listening to you and grow along side of Off Kilter Quilt. Haven’t missed an episode since 🙂

    I’d love to enter your give away. I already have a copy of the book and indeed it is fantastic. I would be thrilled to win a copy of the DVD Stitches.

    Happy Birthday,

  7. Hello again!
    While I listened to your podcast last night I remembered what I wanted to ask you! I am a very curious person and I am very curious about your lovely looking blocks for your sampler. Did you and Jaye ever thought of an offkilter-artquilt-quiltalong? It would be THE PERFECT PROJECT for your whole comunity! Everybody would have so much fun joining it!
    So pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease think about it!
    P.S. I am very eager to join something like that because I live in a region with no other young, mondern quilter! And YOU no what that means 😉

  8. Happy Podcastiversary, Frances, and thank you for telling us your stories. I love to listen, and feel a little connected to your part of the country, where I have never been. If I am so fortunate as to have my number drawn, I would dearly love to win the video!

  9. Hi Frances,
    I love listening to your podcasts and want to wish you a happy podcastiversary! Thanks for the great giveaways. I would love either the book or the dvd. I heard Mark Lipinsky talking about the documentary dvd on his podcast and it sounds really interesting.

  10. Hi Frances,

    Congratulations on your one year Podcastiversary!
    I’ve been listening to your prodcast for a few months now and just love it! In fact, yours is at the top of my listening order when I download new podcasts.

    I would love to win either prize!


  11. A very happy podcast anniversary to you! Thank you for making my first year of quilting more enjoyable as I listen to your podcast. I would love to win Stitched as I’ve heard so much it. Thank you for the opportunity!

  12. Hi Frances,

    I love listening to your podcast. I am new to quilting and trying to build my stash. I would love to win the Layer Cake Book or The Stitched movie. Keep the podcasts coming, they keep me company at work.


  13. Just wishing you a happy podcastiversary! And I can say, “I knew you when.” (No need to enter me in the drawing–just sharing the joy!)

  14. Hi Frances!
    Congratulations!! I love listening to your podcasts and would love to win the Layer Cake book. I’ve been wanting to buy and just haven’t done it yet. How can you go wrong quilting with layer cakes, jelly rolls, honey buns and candy bars? I like charm packs too, but they should be renamed into food group to fit in. I recently found out that fat eights are now popular and are called piglets. That’s not nice, is it? After all the layer cakes, jelly rolls, etc … I don’t need to be reminded I’m a pig!
    Thanks for podcasting! I love you hidden stars quilt!!

  15. I would love to be entered in both drawings! Both sound wonderful! Gotta love podcasts!!!! So glad there are more popping up all of the time!!
    Thanks so much for all of your hard work!

  16. Hi Frances,
    Congratulations! I can hardly believe it’s one year for your podcast. I really enjoy it. I would love to win the DVD. Thanks for all the work you put into the podcasts!

  17. Happy podcastoversary, Frances! I hope this is just the first of many.

    Thanks for keeping me company in the carpool line and on the way to football/basketball/lacrosse/volleyball practice.

  18. Hey, Happy podcastaversary to you! It’s been a great year…and you have blessed so many with your wonderful podcast. I feel like we are friends even though it’s very one sided! I love hearing all about you and your life every week…please keep those podcasts coming. I’m in for both give-aways!

  19. Happy podcast anniversary! I enjoy listening to your inspirational and motivating podcasts. You always give a progress report and that keeps me motivated in moving along on my projects. You can put me in both drawings. Thanks for the great programs.

  20. Frances, love your podcast, and have really enjoyed your discovery of quilting and relaxed style. I would enjoy using either giveaway! Have wanted to watch the documentary, and have a bunch of jelly rolls with no project in mind! Happy anniversary, and thanks for all your great work.

  21. Hi Frances, loved the latest episode (especially because you mentioned my name!). If I’m eligible to enter (I live in the UK) I would be happy to win anything! I’ve only made one quilt so far so it’s pretty much all new to me.

  22. Frances, I love listening to your podcasts and I am always looking forward to the next one.
    I would love to be entered for a chance to win the book “Layer Cake, Jelly Roll & Charm Quilts”.
    Happy Podcastiversary!

  23. congrats and thanks for all your labor of love!! your podcast really is one of my favorites and i am always happy to listen to you: the mixture of quilty and family info plus general ramblings is awesome!!
    i would like to be entered for both things 🙂
    again, thanks so much!!

    ps is there a chance you will be at the http://sewingsummit.com/ at Salt Lake City in October? It would be so much fun to meet you – and fellow listeners – there!!

  24. Hi Frances,
    One thing I finally remembered to tell you and your fans is what to read next. For those of you who would like to read a good story that has a quilting element well woven into the story, try Marie Bostwick’s Cobbled Court novels. She has three of them and is coming out with a new one on ~May 31. They are a series, but stand-alone very well also. The first one is A Single Thread. I have done reviews of two of them, which you can find at: http://artquiltmaker.com/blog/?s=bostwick

  25. Hi Frances – happy blog anniversary – thanks for your podcasts – I really enjoy them – thanks for the give-away as well – I’d really love the book by Pam and Nicky Lintott – the Stitched doco would be interesting as well but I think we have a different format in Australia!

  26. I love your podcasts – I’d love the layer cake book or Stitched. I enjoy listening while I quilt – everyone has so many good ideas


  27. Frances, Happy Anniversary! Love your blog and podcast. Keep up the good work. I’d love the Lintott book.

  28. hello!

    i knew your blog not for a long time but it’s fun to me to follow! happy anniversary and good luck and inspiration to you!

    I’d like the film! many thanxx!! 😉


  29. Frances, I have loved your podcast for the past year. Please keep them coming. I would love to see Stitched. Sherry

  30. Happy Podcastaversary! Thanks for the work you put into your podcast. I enjoy listening while I drive to and from work – and occasionally when I sew. I love books and would like to be entered in your drawing for the pre-cuts book. It sounds great!

  31. Frances,
    Thanks for all the good work that you do. Your voice continues to make my daily commute enjoyable instead of the alternative. I would love to see the video, and hope that I win, but I usually don’t win these things. Have an awesome week, and looking forward to your next podcast.
    Best wishes, Marisa

  32. Congratulations on your podcastaversary, Frances. I’ve looked forward to every episode for the past year, and can’t wait to see what the next one brings. Thanks for the chance to win either the book or dvd.

    BTW, love the blocks you’re making with Jaye. What a disciplined way to learn new skills, and you’ll have a sampler quilt when you’re done.

  33. Hi Frances! Congratulations! I love your podcast and your lovely speaking voice. Thank you for the giveaway! I would love to win either prize …

  34. Congratulations on the your podcastaversary! While not a quilter (yet), I love listening to you talk about your process, your family, your books, etc. My ten-year-old daughter loves your books : )

    I’d love the Jelly Roll book, since I can see myself sliding down the quilting rabbit hole before too long!

  35. Congrats on making it a year! It’s wild. I do so enjoy your podcasts :3

    I’d be up for either prize, if that’s alright. Thanks much for the giveaway~!

  36. Hello, Frances. I’d love to win the DVD. The movie was being screened at the International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati, but I couldn’t go because I was vending. (I invented the Double Diamond Ruler. Ever see it?)

    I’m a long-time listener, but a first-time commenter. I look forward to your podcasts. You crack me up!

  37. Another series to read is the series by Terri Thayer. The series starts with Ocean Waves and is a murder mystery series. You can check her website and blog at territhayer.com.
    She is working on her next book.

    1. Thanks for your podcast, Frances! You are so faithfully regular with your posts, and I love following along with you while you make decisions. I love “participating” in your process.

      I would love to win the book. Thanks for the offer!

  38. I love your podcast and blog! Congratulations on 1 year, I hope you have many, many more. I would love to win either the book or the movie.

    Thank you!

  39. Congrats on your anniversary. Discovered you through Within a Quarter Inch. I would love to win either prize. 🙂

  40. Love your podcast! Happy podcastiversary!! I’d be happy with either prize, should I be picked!
    Just have to share: A few podcasts back, you mentioned being friends with a family whose son is friends with your son. You were sharing a story about feeling hurt that the family left your school and you “haven’t been able to invite them over for dinner yet.” I laughed out loud over that story (not over your pain, just over the whole idea of it) and had to play it for my husband. It was that good! I really enjoy your storytelling and all your tangents during the podcast! Keep them coming!

  41. Please enter me in your anniversary giveaway- I would love either, I am a landscaper quilter so probablly would really enjoy stitch though. I am a new listener to the podcast and will be a regular. I am in Vermont and am very envious of you in the south in the winter but will enjoy the cool green state of mine in the next few months free of air conditioning 🙂

  42. Hooray! I didn’t miss the giveaway! I’m usually so behind, I listen to a month worth of podcasts at a time. I didn’t know anything about this video so thank you, thank you for telling me about it! I love Caryl Bryer Fallert. If you happen to pick my name, I would take either item, but would especially love the video. In fact, if I don’t win (high probability) I will go buy the dvd!

    Love the podcast Frances! Thanks so much for doing it and sharing your projects. I too like the relaxation factor of hand quilting, though I haven’t done it in a really long time. Last time I did it, it was on a quilt for my then teen age daughter (she’s now 26!) At the time, having sneakers with writing all over them was in vogue, so when her’s were substantially written over, I snuck in the phrase “Yo mama loves you!”. It took her a month to discover it in match class. So when quilting her quilt, I quilted that phrase in it. This was quite a while after the sneaker incident. I told her there was a surprise for her in the quilt. To date, she’s not found it but it makes me smile to think how much time she’s spent looking for it. By the way, she’s made two quilter herself now. Sheesh! didn’t mean to write a book but want you to know how much I enjoy your podcast even if I listen to it soooo late.

  43. PS I’m such a dope to not say congratulations on the one year podiversary. Also, I love hearing the bird song in the back ground of your podcast.

  44. I enjoy your podcasts! Your quilty adventures are great because you don’t claim quilting perfection, which makes you “normal” like the rest of us. 🙂 I would love the book!!

  45. I am not sure if I entered, but I would love either prize! Loved listening to your latest episode since I am a gardener too! I am going to try canning this year as well.

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