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  1. Tell us about your trips even if it is not quilt related. Love your garden. I can not plant anything for another month, although I WAS planning to plant snow peas this weekend. I am having a lumbar strain right now so no gardening at this time otherwise I might have to crawl into the house.

    My garden is not as pretty as I have a 7 foot fence around it to keep out deer and rabbits. My first garden got eaten up by the critters, so now have a fence.

    Looking forward to when you get back… find some fun for yourself in your trips.


  2. fyi… fons and porter is in a plastic bag but it does have a cD included with it with patterns…. Since I could not view the magazine I did not buy it. I no longer trust them to have projects I want to make so if I can not look at the magazines I do not get them.

    For some reason the last year or so I have been anti quilting magazines and find little new or interesting in them….. I have become so JADED.



  3. Hi Frances! I really love to see what other folks are doing in the garden, so your post has made me so very happy! The weather in Galway is turning to spring – the sun is out and the temperature getting pretty warm (relative terms…) so I too was in the garden a good bit of this week. Haven’t really started planting beyond a few herbs, but am weeding/cleaning/preparing like mad. It is a great way to relax.

  4. I called MC Calls QUILT kit department and asked about the fabrics for KAFFE’S House. She said they fabric comes uncut and you are suppose to cut them out using the pattern directions. She said there would be enough to make the pattern and some for binding.

    She could not tell me if you would get fat quarters or the amount of yardage ie quarter yard or 1/3 yard for. YOU would get various prints but she could not specify if they would be the exact prints…. there would be substitutions if they ran out of one of the fabrics. She could not tell me if they were all KAFFE’S fabrics even the ones substituted.

    In otherwords I did not get a lot of helpful details.


  5. EXCELLENT choice to provide Steely Dan to your son for his birthday! I must ask, also….when you observed that we all must “go your own way” with music…were you subconciously channelling Fleetwood Mac? Because that, too, would be an important chapter in young Jack’s knowledge base! 😉

    Love, love, love your podcast.

  6. Hi Frances.
    I am really enjoying your podcast, and listening as much as I can to catch up on all your episodes.
    Recently, I think you mentioned that you are interested in taking better photos for your blog. I did a tutorial a while back that includes some tips for taking better photos of quilts and small hand crafted items. Not sure if it will be the solution to incredible photos for all bloggers, but I was trying to give folks ideas of how to get going in the right direction.
    Anyhow, a link for you in case you’re interested – keep up the great work, it is so relaxing to hear your sweet voice on your podcast.

    Best Wishes,

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