18 Replies to “Episode 251: Look at Wonky Miss Ohio”

  1. You bound your quilt…. I have two quilts waiting for binding two years …. just sitting on a shelf.

    Labeling quilts ….I have been free motion quilting the information on the backing fabric.
    My niece had a quilt stolen when she was at college. It got recovered and because I had all the information sewn on the backing. It was really small because I had used the fonts on my sewing machine. I had all the information there the police returned it. Helped I had photos of the quilt too. I now use Ricky Tims Stable Stuff in large sheet and FMQ all the info in large letters.

    BTW …. I am in the not giving quilts away except as baby quilts…. that said I still have my DD quilt to bind and give away .. it is only two years since I made it.

    Love the pictures from QUILT CON …. I have to try to get on Instagram but since I am on a new computer I am locked out… I can not remember my password… HEY SUCCESS !!! Tried again while listening to your podcast.

    GOING to re listen as I am sure I missed something

    You did not

    NONNIE in snowy MI

  2. Re-listened

    CRAFTSY CLASSES …. I always knew CRAFTSY would not last that is why I always liked DVDs

    Frances have you ever tried QUILT AS YOU GO ??? Thinking of doing it for the next baby quilt.

    Did you realized you talked about a quilt but did not post the picture … on the hunt for a pic … Charles Cameron” small quilt is missing. Frau Hansen’s quilt pic is also missing … Sorry I am complaining but I can not find pics of the winners yet.


  3. Love your podcasts!! Binding— Bonnie Hunter’s pictures and direction are pulled up on the phone EVERY time🤣 thanks for pics- understand travel angst! 2024 !! Who hoo!

    1. I’ll have to check out Bonnie’s tutorials–thanks for the rec! And yes to QuiltCon 2024 in Raleigh–it’s going to be a big party! Thanks for commenting, Monica!

  4. Thanks for the latest podcast. I remembered that I wanted to thank you for the reference to Zelinda’s yoga videos on You Tube. She is great! Also, I am a big fan of Gillian Welch, too.
    A number of years ago, someone taught me a great method for joining the binding by cutting the overlap the exact length equal to the width I cut the binding and I finally ‘got it’. I have loved doing binding ever since.
    Loved your doll house plans!


    1. The method of binding you describe is the one I like–but for some reason I need to watch someone do it and follow what they’re doing step by step! It’s nice to hear from a fellow Gillian fan! I’ve been listening to her for years and her music never grows old! Thanks for commenting, Linda–and listening!

  5. I love that your podcasts ramble. I listen on my daily walks and I feel like you are walking and talking with me…and sometimes I talk back at you.

  6. Such a nice way to start and end my work day with a new episode from you!

    I have a lot of Craftsy classes but most of the time I’m looking at MSQC or Fat Quarter Shop videos for techniques. I haven’t been successful at getting my classes to show on my TV and my tablet and phone are too small for my aging eyes to get a good look at a process.

    Keep on with the “rambling”, hearing someone else’s thoughts gets me out of my own head and that’s always a plus!

  7. Frances I think your Wonky Miss Ohio is lovely. I’ve found your podcast through Kristin at Simple Handmade. I enjoy hearing you chat about quilting. Thank you.

  8. Enjoyed the podcast, as always. Finally commenting not just in my head! Thank you for the Quiltcon pictures. Not a modern quilter, so I hadn’t looked at many of the pictures. I bind quilts completely by machine because I don’t hand stitch anything
    Except, when I join the ends of the binding, I hand baste the diagonal joining seam. Then it is really easy to remove the seam when I realize I turned one end the wrong way and have to redo.

    1. Hi, Nancy–I like to do the diagonal joining seam, too, but for some reason I have to watch someone else do it–it’s never intuitive for me, which is frustrating! And no matter what, I always do it the wrong way at least one, usually twice.

      Thanks for commenting–and for writing your comment down here! It’s good to hear from you! xo

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