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  1. Comments from my head….. as I listen

    Massachusetts is wimpy compared to Michigan winters ….. endless snow and Canadian Express cold …

    There is also the GREAT KEWI BAKING SHOW ( New Zealand) as well as the Canadian Baking Show … I watched them all … did not know you liked those shows ….

    BOO HOO still can not figure out how to save my podcast to WINDOWS MEDIAL PLAYER … I can download and listen but they no longer save to the media player.

    Been looking at new machines … want a bigger harp …. over 10 inches …. so looking at Bernina since I have the 440QE … but also looking at Baby Lock and Janome …. just not sure which way I will go…. also looking at the sit down quilting machines.

    What is my favorite book ??? The book I am reading right now …

    Agree quilts should not be recycled into clothes … number one I think they look clunky …. but more important they should be honored …. if they are damaged then they can go into frames … family heirlooms should not be damaged ….

    Hey can you post the links to the websites … craft snarks …. and the others … and Mary Fons video … I would like to see it.

    Going thru my junk so my daughter will not have to do it …. going to have a great garage sale to get rid of the fabric I no longer love.

    I think I am an ex introvert cause I have been video conferencing with my sister … phoning my SIL daily the past two weeks prior to that I had not seen or heard from anyone other then DD and grandson since Christmas…. liking it that way.

    Finishing Jax toddler quilt …. Started a 12-1 /2 inch string blocks quilt thinking it will be QUILT AS YOU GO … have you ever tried that technique …. Found the next big quilt I want to make RAINSTORM …. but I am doing it my way instead of the way the pattern designer shows in her video.

    Loved listening to you tonight cause I was kind of bored … It is after MN so it is too late to sew … IF I tried I would probably have to un sew all day tomorrow.


    1. Went to YOU TUBE to look for the Great KIWI baking show but those videos have been removed …. BOO HOO … found other videos … American, Canadian and other cooking shows most of which I have seen before.

  2. First time comment even though I have been listening from the beginning 10+ years ago. So glad you are back from a hiatus! Do like your chattiness. I didn’t start quilting until I was in my early 50’s and if someone told me in my 30’s I would be on the quilting journey I would have said they were crazy. Strange what life brings us. I have found quilting my passion but also my peace in the past few years.
    I have a love hate relationship with snow. Grew up in Watertown NY near the Canadian border and remember jumping from porch roof as a kid into a snowbank. Good times…..
    I’m thinking it doesn’t bother me if quilts are repurposed. We have several generations silver, china, crystal and linens that fortunately, our kids do want and have taken. Not all families have kids who are interested in any of it so what do you do. There is so much unwanted “stuff” out there at auctions, flea markets, antique shops.
    The creativity is amazing in repurposing. All you have to do is look on Etsy or go to craft shows and see what beautiful creations can be made with a silver teaspoon. Mosaics made out of broken china and pottery. I have collected old tablecloths and made them into wall hangings or used my long arm to make whole cloth quilts.
    I wouldn’t necessarily wear something made from a quilt. It would not be flattering. However, I can appreciate the artistic endeavor and enjoyment one would have in creating something from a quilt. Much better than in a landfill.
    Going to have to look up the Canadian baking show and let my girls know. Looking forward to more podcasts! Sue

    1. Hi, Sue–Thank you for commenting after all these years–for some reason that just tickles me! I really love seeing the creativity in repurposing, too–and you’re right, it’s not just quilts, it’s all kinds of stuff! The Canadian Baking show is definitely fun, though the judges are too nice! xoxo

  3. Loved the podcast. I always feel like on your porch with you and Travis the Quilt Dog.
    I ont think I have a oroblem with repurposing quilts, although it would make me as the maker sa$ if someone did that to one of the quilts I gifted to them. I made several baby quilts for co workers, some of whom never even thanked me, and it would be sad to have them cut up. But for unloved quilts abandoned, found in thrift shops or garage sales, if they could be given a new life, well , OK!
    Enjoy your trips to Louisville to see your folks. As you know I’m from there, and had a nice, quick visit in October. Try to pick a time so you can get to the races!
    And yaaah for you, for getting some quilting done!

    1. Thanks so much for taking time to comment, Robin! It would be nice to go to Churchill Downs the next time we’re in town. I’ve been a few times in the fall and really enjoyed it. The horses are so beautiful! xoxo

  4. Oh Frances, how nice to hear your voice again. I really enjoy your podcasts.

    I do not have an opinion about repurposing quilts but it seems to me that the issue would be who made the quilt and for what purpose, just as a gift, to honor someone or commemorate a life event or just to make a quilt. No doubt some quilts are special but just how special depends on the owner maybe. I am going to try to find Mary Fons’s video to hear her arguments.

    So sad Travis is getting older. He has been a good friend an companion for you.

    So sorry about your friend’s son. We hurt with them when something so tragic happens, don’t we.

    1. Hi, Linda–Thanks for taking the time to comment! And thanks for your kind words about Travis. He has been a wonderful member of our family–and I hope he will be for at least a few more years. xoxo

  5. Greetings from Glasgow, Scotland.
    Glad that you enjoyed Shuggie Bain.
    I haven’t been able to watch Mary Fons’ video but since I only know of her rather than actually know her I don’t think that it would change my opinion. I make quilts to be used rather than art quilts or show quilts. A lot have gone to Syrian and Afghan refugees who have settled here in Scotland. If, at any point, a family thought my quilt would be more use to them made into a garment I would have no problem with that. I do, however, hope that the person wearing it is at least 6ft and slim because I would like my quilt shown to its best advantage( that’s a joke in case you are not used to Scottish humour) With regard to the quilts that I have made for my family I know that they wouldn’t do that but again they are utility quilts. I made and gave them with love. I know that they will use them in whatever way they choose in the same vein.
    I have a friend who is a show quilter/artist. I would not think it was at all appropriate if any of her quilts were to be turned into garments but on the other hand Linzi is the very person who would produce a quilt and turn it into a garment to illustrate a point for an exhibition.
    I do wonder if the quilting world is in some of danger of getting a bit precious about itself. Many quilters in the 19th and 20th century here in Britain used old clothing to make quilts to keep their families warm. I am sure that was the case in the U.S. also. I myself slept under such a quilt for a good part of my childhood. It’s one of the reasons that I am a quilter today. I’ve lost count of the number of folk I know or have heard talking about making a T-shirt quilt. Bonnie Hunter and many of her followers use old shirts to make quilts. So are we actually saying that it’s alright for us to use clothing to make quilts but not the other way round? Did we always ask the maker of the clothes if we could do that?

    1. Hi, Ellen–So good to hear from you! I’ve wondered the same thing about the quilt world–has it gotten too precious about itself? Sometimes it seems like it.

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