3 Replies to “Episode 141: Making Progress”

  1. I love this block so much! I am so thrilled at how far you have come. I hope you realize what progress you have made!?!

    I also agree with all the things Terje wrote her her comment on Ep.141 that was posted on the Ep.140 post.

    I liked your comments about parenting as well. I want to talk with the Young Man, but precious is not always a word I would associate with him. In face I could comfortably say I could almost never associate that word with him. Smart, funny, insightful: yes. Precious: not so much. šŸ˜‰

    (I wrote a long comment on Ep.140 before this post showed up on my screen, so take a look there)

  2. I have got to quit listening to you while I drive! The car alarm made me jump half out of my seat, but then I saw a North Carolina car drive by and I knew it was all just a way to make me think of you and smile.

    I love my family, but I can’t take every precious word either. I keep an eye on the computer usage for my son and don’t let him have one of his own yet. College is coming though!

  3. Gorgeous block Frances. I am such a fan of those colors, too.

    I am glad the most screen time we had to fight was tv and video games although that was challenging. I have asked my kids about their own kids and what they will do. It should be interesting.

    BTW – Ballykissangel was a great recommendation. I just finished Episode 1 and enjoyed it very much.

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