8 Replies to “Episode 140: Me, again.”

  1. Always happy to hear from you! I must admit that I love AC and have been know to offer up prayers for the repose of the soul of Willis Carrier, who invented it.

  2. Like a breath of fresh air, you are back! btw, I turn 60 later this year. It is weird to get old! You are doing it so gracefully though! ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad to have you back amongst the living. hugs

  3. I just listened to episode 141. Yep! I was screaming CHAIN! I thought for certain you had it when you started saying train, train (RHYMES WITH TRAIN) but glad you eventually got the term. Even more so, I’m glad I’m not the only one who searches for a word at times only to come up empty handed. Selfishly I take pleasure in knowing others struggle with the same things I do. And I maintain it’s not because we are over 50, it’s that we are so brilliant and have so much going on in our brains. So there.

    Thanks for the episode. I had a precious (had to use the word) hour of alone time today and you kept me company as I worked on a couple of tiny 4.5 inch blocks. Sewing is always better with a great podcast, so thanks for putting them out there week after week, month after month. You and the other podcasters are my lifeline at times and I appreciate your voices so much.

  4. RE: episode 141 – A post for Ep.141 is not showing up for me for some reason, so I am commenting on it here.
    Thanks for posting another episode so quickly!

    1. Reading – I read the first couple Inspector Gamache and then skipped to the last one, which neatly tied up all the loose ends and I was happy even though I didn’t read all of the intervening (is that the right word??). I just didn’t like the story enough to slog through the whole series. I felt bad, too, because I know that Sandy adores that series.

    I have a read a couple of Barbara O’Neal books, which I loved! The two I read were the Lost Recipe for Happiness and How to Bake a Perfect Life. I liked these books, because of the intertwining discussion of creativity. They are sweet novels with little violence. Good characters. Good stories. I am glad to find another author with a backlist as my faves aren’t writing fast enough. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I also really enjoyed Delicious! by Ruth Reichl. I don’t know why I enjoy food books so much, especially when they all talk about meals that I cannot eat!

    Have you read Erica Bauermeister? She wrote the School of Essential Ingredients and The Lost Art of Mixing. Both are lovely books with a touch of magic and…food. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. Applique’ – did you finish your Christmas quilt? I don’t remember, I am sorry. Why not design your own Halloween quilt? you have enough experience and are ready. Take your time finding designs that you like. I, and others, I am sure will help you layout the blocks.

    Finish the hexagon block!!!! Tell me what you want to do next. Partial seams? I need to prepare, you know.

    3. Shorts – use Synthrapol to try and get the stains out. Hope you have not dried them.

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