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  1. With my left-handed brain, I am constantly forgetting to reverse my applique patterns before I trace them onto the adhesive’s release paper. Usually I just go with it, but oi.

    If it is personal, please don’t comment, but I was intrigued by your mention of a sabbath year. I have seen the Ted Talk by Stefan Sagmeister regarding his design studio’s sabbaticals, but have not heard of this in a personal life. Very interesting!

  2. Okay… you have me curious since there are so many different types of applique. Are you doing NEEDLE TURN? RAW EDGE ? TURNED EDGE ? applique? I have used fusible . glues in all of these techniques.

    Are you planning to window your larger pieces?

    As I have said in my email I have taken ALL of Angela Walter’s Craftsy classes. She is a long armer but everything she shows you can be done on a domestic machine. She demonstrates on the long arm in the class MACHINE QUILTING IN NEGATIVE SPACE.. but in some of the others she demonstrates both on the long arm and the domestic.

    SHE does stress using drawing the motifs to gain muscle memory but also to teach your brain how to get out of tight spots. I plant to blog about my class, the baby quilt I made from it as I used all of her motifs and some from other areas on the quilt. I think the classes were worth the money even if you pay FULL PRICE … but by all means wait until there is a sale….. YOU WILL LEARN TONS and the more you practice her motifs the better you get at them.


  3. I have never seen an applique pattern printed double sided. I generally put my pattern on a light box and trace it onto the fusable. How could that be done if it is double-sided! craziness!

    I can’t wait to see your completed quilt – I love the pattern. I just finished my first machine applique quilt. I didn’t like it as must as needle turn. Maybe you should try that next.

  4. Frances, I just listened to the Canadian Quilt Talk podcast and found out I won her Quilters Corner prize. Somehow she thought I was the “Off Kilter Quilter” I have no idea how she came up with that! I never said anything about your blog or podcast. I just wanted to apologize, but I couldn’t have been mixed up with a nicer person or podcast. 🙂

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