Episode 128: Halloween Quilt and the Next Big Things

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will's 2013 pumpkinWill’s pumpkin. Boo!

The Halloween quilt seems almost impossible to photograph. The fabrics are too active, if you know what I mean. But here are a couple of attempts:

hween quilt 1

hween quilt 2IMG_0551

Next up: Thanksgiving quilt (here’s a link: http://www.mccallsquilting.com/blogs/blog/2012/08/17/friday-freebie-harvest-traditions-lap-quilt-pattern/)

And then the Christmas quilt! http://www.keepsakequilting.com/productdetail/7362.htm

13 Replies to “Episode 128: Halloween Quilt and the Next Big Things”

  1. LISTENED to your podcast and heard you like Mary Fons and Quilty… since you did not mention it I realized you probably do not know that on YOU TUBE there are tons of video-cast of Mary and frequently her mom doing tutorials or talking quilting. Pretty entertaining and informative… better yet short often less then 10 minutes. I sometimes watch them on my work break when I am having coffee. You can subscribe to the feed on YOU TUBE by subscribing to FONS AND PORTER… here is a link to the most recent video cast ( free by the way) The patterns shown are frequently from QUILTY magazine… it is there way of giving you the OMNI MEDIA experience.

    Took me a while to learn to appreciate Mary’s style as many have considered her over dramatic … she is so different from Liz and Marianne’s style of teaching. Some people find her annoying. But she is maturing and does such a lovely job with pattern and fabric selection. She is growing on me.

    Check her out when you get a chance.

  2. TOOK A LOOK at the THANKSGIVING wall hanging … very cute and straight forward. The Christmas one is very ambitious … I have never done anything that involved … is it raw edge or fusible … looking forward to hearing you talk about the project.

  3. Hi Francis-
    I am a frequent commenter, but unfortunately you can’t hear inside my head and I usually forget what I wanted to say by the time I get to computer. Glad you are back. I really missed you over the summer!

    I sometimes get frustrated by the people that have been quilting for a few short years and are on the top of the field. I started just about 20 years ago and even though I am much better than I was, I will never win big awards (although I did get a viewer’s choice once back when I belonged to our local guild). For the most part, I am happy with where I am on my journey and trying to continue to learn and grow.

    You had mentioned wanting advice on growing your machine quilting skills. I too found the Craftsy Beyond Basic Machine Quilting to be very basic and not worth my time. A class that I found really helpful was Leah Day’s Machine Quilting a Sampler. In the class, she teaches techniques that help you fit your quilting into different spaces that I found transfers well to other projects.

    Love your podcast and I hope this helps a little!

  4. You’re back in the podcasting saddle, and I’m trying to follow suit with making comments in a timely matter!

    So sorry to hear Will missed his special day. Strangely, I bet it’s the one Halloween he’ll never forget…

    I have all the latest Masterpiece Theatre episodes saved up and am trying to find the time to watch them.

    FYI…the chances of me ever forgetting that there was cookie dough anywhere in my house, let alone the freezer, is about as likely as the chance of me winning at Houston 🙂

    All the best.

  5. I love the idea of a wall dedicated to seasonal quilts. I have, sadly, only managed to make two so far. I do have a picture rail across the space so it doesn’t matter what size the quilt is as I clip curtain (oh, man – what are they called?) circle thingys on the quilts and hang the quilt onto the hooks that hang from the rail. (I am so not a sensate person.) Anyway – I love the Halloween quilt.

  6. hello from the UK. I have been listening for a while and nice to have you back. Glad you enjoy The Paradise. I am about to watch the current series this evening, followed by Downton Abbey! The novel of The Paradise by Emile Zola, on which the series is, very, loosely based, is a great read. Good story and loads of fabric too! Fab Halloween quilt, BTW.

  7. Poor Will! Gracie was sick last year on Halloween and it was a bummer – and it wasn’t even her birthday! I’m sure there has been no shortage of candy to ease his heartbreak.

    I’m really glad you are enjoying the Grand Plan. I have done it for years but got few clicks or comments on those posts until this year – I’m giving you all the credit for that! Thanks!!

    I also love when Facebook clues me in to friends who know each other from two different areas of my life. It reminds me of how small the world really is and also reinforces the fact that my friends have really good taste in friends. ;o)

    Love the Halloween quilt. It might be a bit busy, but isn’t that exactly the feeling of Halloween? With all the costumes and the candy and the noise?

  8. Your Halloween quilt is adorable – it amazes me how quickly you complete your projects. It takes me forever to do even an easy quilt. thanks for all you do – i am finally caught up on all your episodes and will try to comment more.

  9. That Christmas applique quilt is right up my alley! Houses! Applique! Details! I can not wait to hear (and see) your adventures with this pattern. I am also a little annoyed when things are printed double sided. A suggestion is to highlight the lines you want to trace as you go – this way you can see them a little more clearly against the hub-bub and you already have a ‘feel’ for what you are looking for. Love ya, Allison

  10. I hang my quilts up with clear pushpins. Don’t feel bad about it. My DH constantly says that we should put a permanent rod up, but I am still waiting. Just don’t leave it up too long.

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