Episode 126: Back in the Saddle!

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I’m working on a new quilt! I’ve been born again!

halloween quilt pt. 1

h-ween block

This is my Halloween quilt, though in the first picture it doesn’t look all that Halloween-y. It does in real life, I promise.

Check out Jean Ray Laury at the International Quilt Study Center. Her online exhibit is here: http://www.quiltstudy.org/exhibitions/online_exhibitions/jean_ray_laury/jean_ray_laury.html

And watch the vidcast about her work here: http://www.quiltstudy.org/education/resources/podcasts1.html/title/-jean-ray-laury-threads-of-feminism-nancy-bavor-april-22-2012

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5 Replies to “Episode 126: Back in the Saddle!”

  1. What a fun idea! Love the Halloween houses! Thank you for posting today too. You are keeping me company while I sit at tennis lessons. You have inspired me to pull out my Halloween fabric and make something. Quilt on!!

  2. I was listening across the room to your podcast while tracing a design using my sliding door as a lightbox. I thought I heard you say you met John Lewis. I asked my husband, “Did Frances say she met John Lewis? And shook his hand?!! Well – long ago I shook the hand of a co-worker who had in the past shook the hand of MLK. I decided there was some osmosis at the atomic level back then and we decided since we “know” you from the intraweb we shook John Lewis’s hand through space. He was and is so amazing and probably the most important person in the civil rights movement. How exciting Frances. And then you met Janis Ian. And then best of all, librarians and readers. What a conference.

  3. I care my dear. Always enjoy your visit and catching up on the lads and your quilt projects. Book reviews and hearing about what can be watched on TV is interesting too. Wish you were headed to Texas for the Quilt Festival, tis a wonderful overload of all things thread and fiber and machine. The quilts are amazing! Enjoy your week my dear. Shelly Beth

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