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    You might not be getting as many comments because WORD PRESS is a pain to comment on. I have to sign into my word press account in order to post… aggravating. I personally have not commented as much as I have in the past… for one thing I do not have as much time and since I have not gotten a BLOG READER since Google Reader had shut down. I will get back into blog committing in the future. Less I get on the internet the more time I have for other fun activities.

    Watch the CAROL DOAK’s DVD . . . . she is so logical and the queen of PAPER PIECING.

    I am so happy to let my DD and Gd-S decorate for Christmas… it is so much fun to watch him put all the tinsel on the bottom of the Christmas tree. He wants to stand on a ladder but that is not allowed.. he would fall head first into the tree. My DD even takes the decorations down .. otherwise it would be up until VALENTINES if you leave it up to me.

    There is nothing wrong with having a second small project available to work on during your bigger projects … especially since you are a finisher. It helps keep you fresh and interested.

    I am going to recommend the Craftsy FREE MOTION QUILTING CLASSES … especially CINDY NEEDHAM, ANGELA WALTERS and Leah Day’s classes … I learned a lot on them… frankly it turned me from hating FMQ and avoiding it and turned me into a lover of FMQ wanting to do more of it.

    I did not like QUILTING with Templates… see if you can trade it in for a different FMQ class.

    PERFECTION…. as I have said before … learned from JANIACs… FINISHED is better than perfect. TWILTER ‘s will also love your little HALLOWEEN quilt.

    I love a lot of MODERN QUILTS … but I have seen some ugly MODERN QUILTS … just like I have seen ugly TRADITIONAL quilts and ugly ART quilts.

    NO you did not discuss your CHRISTMAS QUILT KIT in detail … so give us more information. WELL I will get back after I listen to your podcast again.

    I finally got a MP3 player a cheap one but it is okay… I have some trouble loading it but someday I will get the hang of it. Your will be one of the first pdC I load on it.


  2. UN MODERN MAPLE QUILT… here is a discussion I had about my MAPLE LEAF QUILT… still working on it but have kind of put it on hold…. I have twelve leaves done but I need tons more…. plan to continue working on it… hubby decided he wanted a different quilt as this one one NOT his tastes.

    WHO knew he read my blog and found out I was making this quilt for him… so he put the kabash on it… so I am making it for me instead. .. so it is going so much slower.




  3. Oh your Halloween Housea are just perfect. I can’t say enough good things about the warm autumn colors and the great design. Well done!

  4. Thanks so much for the shoutout, and I’m so glad to hear your voice again on a regular basis. Your comments on the podcast DO count, especially since so many more people listen to you than read the comments on my actual post!

    Glad you are enjoying the Christmas Plan. If you investigated the site, maybe you have seen that there is one that is more abbreviated and doesn’t start so early. I think it’s the Christmas Countdown plan.

    The Halloween Houses are just adorable. I also agree with you that those patterns for the Christmas houses sound pricey. But then, I don’t do applique, so I have no point of reference.

    I really enjoyed Cooked, but more for the idea that cooking is the cure for so much of what ails our society. I think there’s something to that.

    Hope your boy has a wonderful birthday. Glad to hear your mom is doing well. She has been in my prayers.

  5. It is lovely here in L.A. today and made better by some time at my machine while listening to your podcast. Really lovely. May I say how much I enjoyed The Sound of Your Voice Only Really Far Away. I hope girls like me and also the popular girls read this book. School was mostly fine for me but 8th was purely a torment being one of the others. High school was much better. Reading this book brought it all back and I wish I had had it to read way back in 1967.

    I love your Halloween houses. I have always liked the Jungian notion that house imagery represents self. Maybe your Halloween houses represent your fun and joyous side!

  6. Hi Frances!

    Just wanted to thank you for talking about Last Tango in Halifax. Right after you mentioned it, I saw it listed on PBS. I’m really enjoying it and would probably not have given it a second look if I hadn’t heard you recommend it. Thanks again. Lynda in Ontario, Canada

  7. One thing to do about quilting is to:
    1. take a photo of your quilt
    2. blow it up a little
    3. make several copies or printouts
    4. doodle on the copies, e.g. pretend you are quilting,but use a pencil
    5. quilt a quilt sandwich (cat mat?) as often as possible, especially right before you start your quilt.
    6. Perhaps make an extra block and use that to practice your quilting?

    Remember quilting takes practice and quiltmaking is a process. You have improved so much!
    PS I don’t think WordPress is difficult. I have no problem commenting on your blog; I just don’t always have time. JL

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