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  1. Guess I was ahead of you! šŸ˜‰ We checked out a couple of books from the library today – Falling In and The Kind of Friends We Used to Be. I didn’t realize the second one was a sequel. I look forward to some good reading!

  2. I so agree with Jaye about the negative space – which is my favorite space in any quilt. Rick’s Stars reads so modern and edgy to me. I like it. I feel so behind in my house chores this year – I have 10 weeks here to make it better but will I? The pull of free time may keep me disorganized.

  3. Love the stars! Such great colors for a guy’s quilt.

    Also, I do agree that certain years have a mood. You are not alone – this one has FLOWN by and I keep looking around wondering why I haven’t gotten more accomplished. Trying to just enjoy the summer without too much of that pressure – the mess will still be here once school starts!

  4. I love Larkrise to Candleford too! Have you seen Doc Martin? Another great fun BBC series. I enjoy your podcasts so much, thank you for letting me listen into your life!

  5. So, I was wondering why you were referring to items I didn’t remember … and then I realized that I missed the last Podcast. Oops.

    This year is one where I have been behind as well; I cannot seem to catch up on work no matter how I try. The quilts are coming along in their own time.

    All the best.

  6. Great episode! I just finished the last season of Lark Rise and while I’m sad it ended, they don’t just “leave you hanging” like other series. You could definitely feel the miss of the actor who plays Laura’s father (now Bates in Downton Abbey) as I think he left Lark Rise when DA started filming. Next up in the British period dramas for me is Lillies. Happy summer Frances!!

  7. If stars had feet, and then they walked in the mud, that’s what they’d look like, eh? Your quilts are not off-kilter. They are elegant in an understated, obviously carefully handled yet not strict way. If you want to see some seriously off-kilter quilts, just let me know, ha!

    Have you read the Alexander McCall Smith series, “#1 Ladies Detective Agency?” I’ve read all but the latest (not sure they have it in paperback yet). I just got the first in the series, “The Sunday Philosophy Club.” Haven’t started it yet.

    Could you please post the links to the other quilting podcasts that you’ve mentioned in the Quilt Diaries? (If you’ve already done so in a previous post, my apologies.)

  8. Really like Rick’s Stars and I’m sure that you’ll get it finished in time.

    We all really miss Lark Rise to Candleford here and you’re right that there was a lot of unhappiness when the series was shelved. The stories, mainly, came form the books of the same name and the BBC had simply dramatised them all. Some of the stories from the last series were not up to the same standard and it showed.

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