Episode 219: The Grinchy Quilter

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So here’s the quadrant of “Sweep Exit” quilting that I like:


Here’s the rest:

The quilt I want to make next: Melon Patch

This quilt was made made in 1902 by Mary Midgett Bridgman (1845-1928), Hyde County, NC.

Fun links:

How to take photos of quilts: 10 photos you should take

Back issues of SAQA journal: http://www.saqa.com/members.php?ID=3149

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Vacationland by John Hodgman

The Last Ballad by Wiley Cash

8 Replies to “Episode 219: The Grinchy Quilter”

  1. GREAT WORK FRANCES … did you get it finished in time for Quilt Con ( downloaded but not listened to yet) — Love the Melon Patch block…. I am going to do a ROSE DREAM / LOVER’S KNOT block as soon as I get the templates I designed back. I ordered them from John Flynn company…. I am lazy and want to cut around an acrylic template rather then deal with the paper ones.

    Are you going to applique or piece yours? Maybe I should just go listen then I will know what you said.


  2. My take on Modern Quilting is it is being shanghaied by the LONG ARM QUILTERS …. As at Huston & Paducha the winners are the one with the most and fanciest/ densest quilting …. I think Quilt Con is going that way too…. dense quilting even if walker foot straight lines …. Younger MODERN- – LONG ARMERS are inventing their own styles but most of the FMQing is still over the top but modern.
    The dense quilting is not for FUNCTIONAL quilts … and a lot of everyday quilters do not do that type of quilting.

  3. Your quilting looks great!
    An orange peel quilt is also on my list of quilts to make “some day” (Have not heard of the name- Melon Quilt) I was planning to go scrappy but using only 2 colors is also nice!

  4. I was listening to your podcast at 4 am because I couldn’t sleep. I know what you mean about the joy of sleeping right through. I’m 60 and it IS better than it was a few years ago.

    What’s a yankee gift exchange?

  5. Hi Frances, I’m so happy you’ve found the back issues of the SAQA journals. And yes, you pronounced it correctly. I’m a current member of SAQA, have been for a few years and find the current journals excellent. As you say, the business articles are so great and so applicable right across the spectrum. You talk about the cross over and say that lots of the art quilts appearing in the journals could be modern quilts. I say vice versa; the modern quilts appearing at QuiltCon etc. could well fit into the SAQA exhibitions under the genre of abstract. Of course, there is the wall vs. functional comment to make there, as you have also pondered recently.

    A couple of abstract quilters for you to look at, they hang around in the SAQA arena but could well cross to the modern side: Maria Shell, who is also an excellent writer, she blogs at ‘Tales of a Stitcher’; and Kathleen Probst – ‘Mod in My Eye’ is her instagram but she also has a self-named website.

    PS – finally got hold of one of your books. hard to get here in NZ, but ordered Dovey Coe for a Christmas present for my daughter on-line. Can’t wait to read it myself!

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