Episode 208: Process!

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I’ve been working on the latest MQG fabric challenge quilt, and I think I finally have my Riley Blake birds ready to fly! They started as fat 8ths …

Made a brief detour as hexies …

Finally became birds …

And now have formed a swirling flock …


Next up: ironing the birds down and then appliqueing them. And then figuring out what to do for the backing. And on and on and on …

Still working on the chairs:

What is this piece of furniture called?

Almost done with The Summer Before the War by Helen Simonson. Enjoyed the first 250 pages very much, and then sort of lost interest. I’m a character-centered reader, but I like a little plot with my characters, and there wasn’t enough plot in this story to satisfy me.

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See you next time!

8 Replies to “Episode 208: Process!”

  1. Never saw the pictures of your stars just the hexi-s

    LIKE your birds … saw them and thought … FLYING NORTH probably because tons of chickadees are in my yard eating the bird food so I have to put out more every day some times twice a day….

    What color will your background be? I know you have them on a plain white now but if you go with a color that will change the entire look. A traditional pale blue would look like sky … but then it would not be Modern.

    Regardless I think it will be a great quilt and addition to BIRDS in the Air series. Looking forward to seeing this quilt finished.


  2. About to listen! Is that a sideboard? Not sure but that comes to mind, I remember my grandma talking about one

  3. I like your bird design! If it were mine, I’d call it Flight.

    I had to smile when you mentioned you didn’t know when your kids had a day off. I always felt like a slacker mom when that happened to me. It seemed like the other moms could hold a school calendar in their heads and knew exactly when the half days were and what day was crazy hat day. If my kids got to the bus stop on time with their backpacks and lunches, that was a good day for us.

    We call furniture like that a washstand. But we call it that because we have a few like that inherited from my husband’s grandparents, and they always called them washstands. Most of our grown up furniture is hand-me-down. We are still using many pieces from my husband’s grandparents and great aunt. It isn’t stuff I would go out and buy, but it is functional and seems silly to buy new furniture now that I’m 55. We will be downsizing in the next 20 years, so why buy more stuff?

    I always thought I would pick out ‘good’ furniture after the kids got a little bigger, or after we got done paying for college. Now my dog is the issue. He is 13. Does it make sense to buy new furniture when he is rubbing his little doggie face on it and shedding all over the place?

    Twenty years ago, right after baby number three, we did get a new kitchen table and chairs to replace the gray wood grain formica and chrome dinette set my in-laws got in the late 1950s when they were first married. I had always hated it, but it was functional, and I didn’t feel bad about letting the kids finger paint or glue on it. We moved it to the playroom when we got our new maple table. The old table was over fifty years old before it finally collapsed when one of the kids sat on top of it. Then I had a good reason to get rid of it!

    I am looking forward to your new book! Hope it is out by Christmas.

  4. Your episode made me smile, we would just call that entry way piece a buffet, side table or sofa table. No frills here maybe even a chest of drawers lol. My house is always been call Early American Garage Sale. It is an eclectic selection of affordable pieces mostly second hand, a few family pieces and one or two new things from Ikea . I am happy with its non adult but not college dorm feel!

    The fabric challenge does sound like a sneaky way to make people buy stuff. I really don’t like that but your piece for the challenge is coming along nicely!

    Breakfast at Tiffany’s is one of my favorite movies of all time. i am so opposite of Holly Golightly but secretly admire her so much!!! I slept in till 9 today and felt very free spirited indeed.

  5. I like the new quilt. How about “Wing” as a name? Were you even asking for name suggestions? I also dislike paying a lot for a quilt back. Sometimes I use plain muslin, especially for traditional or scrappy, utility type quilts. I really like the way the quilting shows up on the plain back and it’s about a inexpensive as you can get. One last unasked for suggestion. I think it would be interesting to throw in a different type chair with all the others on your chair quilt, like a wing back or bergere. Thanks for the podcast!

  6. In Scotland we would call it a sideboard.
    Like your little “bats” but I don’t think the lighter ones are showing up particularly well against the white background. Light grey might be better and would still be modern. Of course it may just be “photo” lighting. Why not call it “Colony”(if you are still thinking of them as bats)?

  7. What do you think of the Riley Blake solids? I am not sure I have ever seen them in a shop and am pretty sure I have never bought them. I could be wrong. I am starting to write the name and manufacturer on the selvedge of the fabric in Sharpie.

    I think deconstruction is part of your process. I am reminded of how often you rip out quilting. Perhaps now that you are ripping out piecing, your process has progressed?

    I love the birds. I know you have progressed even farther, but it looks good as it is shown above.

    I think that piece of furniture might be called a commode (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commode). I sort of knew it and just checked on the web.

    More later!

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