Episode 182: Party Time Episode!

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“Slipcover” is the word I couldn’t remember this time. I could hear Quiltin’ Jenny yelling from Atlanta.

Here’s where I am in my four-patch donation quilt (top two rows sewn together):

four patch 1

Making progress on the VFW stars:

VFW Stars1

My new bathroom skirt:

bathroom skirt

Carmit sent me this interesting post about political quilts and QuiltCon:


A Man Called Ove http://www.amazon.com/Man-Called-Ove-Novel/dp/1476738025/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1454980066&sr=8-1&keywords=a+man+called+over

A video about the Civil Rights Movement in Gee’s Bend:

7 Replies to “Episode 182: Party Time Episode!”

  1. You made some real progress on your hand piecing project! I love the color combo. I love handwork as well, but have never attempted a whole quilt. I love that you are making it for charity.

    Enjoyed the whole episode!

  2. WHAT method of hand stitching are you using. I learned from JINNY BEYER’s very old cD which was released before DVDs. I noted that she taught hand piecing on Craftsy BOM 2015….. it is a free class…. look at chapter 2 NOTES on hand piecing. It is worth signing up for the class just to learn how to do good hand piecing. She does all her quilts by hand piecing.

  3. Hello Miss Frances! Hand piecing. How great. I remember being taught to take a back stitch while sewing doll clothes every third stitch to prevent gathering I think. I would (I was little) count 1, 2, backstitch, 1, 2, bachstitch. This definitely fed my tendency toward OCD but was also quite calming. Barbie would be swathed in rectangles sewn together with a cut out neck hole…

    Anyway, I really like your pieced quilt. I haven’t heard of the beauty line you spoke of but then again, I think, I remember going to clothing parties and, of course, tupperware parties when my kids were little. Beauty products sound like more fun.

    Have a lovely, wonderful week in NC.

    From sunny, hot – we skipped the second half of winter and spring all together – So Cal.

  4. Hi, Frances!
    I’m finally catching up. Yay!
    I don’t know if any of my helpful hints will do you any good organizing group quilting, but there is a page on my blog that is dedicated to group quilting tips, http://www.120blocks.com/sample-page/ . I included everything I have learned in my years of leading groups of nonquilters to make quilts. The biggest challenge is getting them to sew 1/4 inch. I’ve taken to using index cards ruled in a 1/4 inch grid and including them in the block kit.

  5. I really like the first few Mitford novels. The dialect did bother me, but more from a reading point of view. Dialect is hard to read and hard to understand in reading form, if you can’t hear the cadence. My big beef with her later novels is they get too churchy. I get it that the main character is a pastor and I don’t mind that aspect in the first few books. It was actually interesting to see him put his belief in God into practice. In the later books, it felt like she was on a mission to get converts. I didn’t read the later ones, after Fr. Kavanaugh deals with that little church in the mountains. I do think it is a cozy novel and some of the realities of rural life, that you described so well, are ok to omit because if we want reality all the time we would never read books.

    I don’t think people will hand piece, because I don’t think people know how to hand piece. We all know it isn’t difficult, but many people don’t know the ins and outs. Also, I think people want to get donation quilts done, thus machine work. I could be wrong.

    You can get a soft feel using machine quilting if you don’t quilt so close together. More later.
    your favorite #podcastdeliquent 😉

  6. pt.2: It would be great if the youth group could get involved. You could do mosaic piecing and then cut squares or whatever and get some really interesting results. AND you would be teaching youth to quilt.

    Try to get donations or people from local guilds to bring supplies and expertise.

    I am glad you are continuing to provide some quilt history tidbits.

  7. Hi Frances! I am catching up in your episodes after listening to practically only knitting and crafting podcasts of late. But so glad to hear you again! Lovely episode and I really wish you all the best with this book, new website looks great too. I can’t wait until it comes out!! Lovely donation quilt and the progress on the VFW stars, Thanks for the link to the Gees Bend video it is really well done, of course, it is Opera. It is really interesting and I am listening to it now. It is great to learn about the history and social background of this quilting ‘movement’ for lack of another word. I love that bathroom skirt and it looks lovely in your bathroom. I actually put some similar fabric in the washing machine to wash, or it is going in the next load. Can’t remember. Preparing quilt fabrics. Thanks again.

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