Episode 144: Don’t forget to win!

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quilt sampleHaving all sorts of quilting adventures lately. Above is the original (tho partial–the outer design should go all the way around) quilting design for the Nova blocks, but that’s not what I ended up with. However, getting a decent picture of what I did end up with (not that I’m done quilting) has proven elusive.

nova quilting

Books I’m reading and/or that I mentioned in this week’s episode:

Listen to Your Quilt by Barbara Persing

Quilts in Community: Ohio Traditions by Ricky Clark

All Joy and No Fun by Jennifer Senior

Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter

What I didn’t mention (but meant to) is that I’m going to be taking an free online course through Missouri State University in late September called Laura Ingalls Wilder: Exploring Her Work & Writing Life. For more info, check out this article:


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  1. The quilting design looks lovely! What a pretty quilt for your friend.

    I enjoyed your discussion of the old magazines – I have a few old “Workbaskets” that are fun to look at but I can’t imagine making those things – such tiny yarn and needles, and tatting!

    I will look forward to hearing about the Laura Ingalls WIlder class.

  2. I have not forgotten to enter/win! I just have had not had much free time with the move. I am in the unpacking stage now. I have been very grateful for podcasts and audiobooks (The Magic Thief series this time; last time was A Discovery of Witches) to keep me sane while I packed and cleaned and packed and cleaned. I started your newest one today but was interrupted by an unwanted phone call.
    I am glad you posted a photo of the back of the quilting. My tablet, while nice, is small and it’s hard to see the quilting on the front. It looks really cool! I look forward to listening to the rest of the podcast tomorrow while I do some more unpacking.

  3. I’m with AJ. Moving takes so much time. I can listen to podcasts while I work, but sitting down to write a comment just doesn’t happen. BUT here I am. You are keeping me company whilst housekeeping this morning. And you and your friend Annie kept me company while I painted doors in my boat last week. Love your Nova quilt, I think you did great with the border and what I can see of the quilting looks good too. Now I’m going to go listen to the rest of the episode (PS love the summer bugs, it’s raining here today but at least the daffodils are flowering).

  4. Thanks for the class link at the end of your post. I shared it with a friend who is a Laura fanatic and she enrolled right away. I hope that that you continue to post weekly. Your podcasts are a highlight for me!

  5. thanks for the class link–i just signed up for it–love the little house books! lucky you to start on maeve binchy–many happy hours ahead as you go through her very long list of books–i really like her short stories as well. i categorize her with rosamund pilcher (but like MB better)–more cozy british novels. i think Barbara Pym is far better writer but MB is definitely comfort food reading.

  6. Hi Frances,
    Re: Modern Traditionalist. I agree that this is probably a good term for most quiltmakers who don’t think they are quite modern, but are using interesting fabrics in different ways. The problem I have with the defintion is that I have been doing this (or at least this is what I think I have been doing) for a long time. When I started I wasn’t interested in the small calicoes and I was kind of scared of some of the Hoffman florals that were popular, so I used a bunch of solids on my first quilt and after the first quilt did a lot of “what if I did this this?” This used to be called art quilting, which is why I named my blog what I did. Then all the modern people came along, so I don’t really know what I am doing now. It is an interesting question to ponder and I am glad you weighed in. I forgot that Pam had mused about that topic as well. I’ll have to go back and listen again.

  7. Arghhhh. I hate ipad feedly website links because I just typed a whole paragraph (long). And it closed up and disappeared!

    Anyway, as I was saying! I love your quilt and quilting. I wish I’d seen your fans earlier as I was needing some Asianish fans. I ended up doing a more abstract version. I’d put a picture in if I knew how.

    I finally added your blog to my feedly feed (for better or worse). Your podcast is even more fun now that I know what you’re talking about.

    Thanks for the reminder to look at Barbara Pershing’s book again. Her sister lives in my area and used to own a quilt shop. They’ve since moved on to publishing patterns under the name Fourth and Sixth Designs and each has written a book.

    Thanks for podcasting Frances. I always look forward to hearing your voice.

  8. I rarely comment any more anywhere cause I get annoyed with the hoops I have to jump through to comment…. for example I have to sign into my wordpress account to comment here…..

    Loved the ramble on long arm quilting…. listened a second time while I was packing for my guild day retreat … fun listen. My beef with long armers is when we talk about what I would like then to do then they do something entirely different … and they do not even to bother to call me about it. I can understand problems with the original design but do do something I specifically said I DID NOT want makes me very unhappy.

    TIGHT QUILTING….. WHEN I do my own FMQ I find I get tight quilting because I get carried away with the fun of it. If I was younger I would be getting a GEORGE or a long arm machine. . . . but at my age I do not think I will get a big set up. Would love one but can not afford it.

    The Quilt Show …. glad you got to take so many pictures do you have a place you have them posted …. I would love to see them…. Always great to check pictures from another photographer’s eyes.

    When there are younger first time quilters at a quilt show I love seeing the differences in styles. I enjoyed the MODERN QUILT CHALLENGE at the GRAND RAPIDS Show where Katie’s quilt was located. It was the smallest display in the show but one I enjoyed immensely.

    MODERN quilting is expanding as the younger women gain skills …originally they did wonky… then only square and rectangle graphic patterns …. then half square and quarter squares triangles … watch out to the future.


  9. Hi,
    My name is Diane and I’m an Aussie, which I don’t apologise for, but some times should. I have been listening to your podcast from the beginning, but this is the first time that I have commented. I love, love, love, hearing about your quilts and your family, keep up the good work for at leased another 144 episodes.
    Thanks from Casperccat (Diane)

  10. Frances, I listened to your podcast at just the right time. Your discussion of deciding to un-quilt quilting that didn’t look right to you kept me from trying to use some disappointing flannel for a small quilt that deserves better! Thanks.

  11. Long time listener…Love the ramble, I have no problem keeping up. It’s a lot like listening to myself. Happy Podcastaversary!

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