Episode 185: Get Your Big Star Back On!

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vfwbigstar back

The Big Star block for the VFW Star back. Colors are off–the background fabric is periwinkle and the star is a lot pinker than it looks here.

I’ve now pieced the back and bought the batting. Next up: the quilting! But how to quilt? Haven’t decided that yet …

And here’s the first version of the red and white donation block quilt:

first red and white

It’s that jazzy stripe that wasn’t working. I’m almost finished with the revised top, which I’ll post a picture of next time.

You can find the Michigan quilt doc book on Amazon.com for three bucks used. Worth it!

Here are the pix from the book that I talk about on the ep:

crazy daisy quilt

Don’t you think she kind of looks like Daisy from Downton Abbey?

Here’s the snowflake quilt (note the blue ribbon in the middle):

snowflake quilt

The book of short stories I’m reading right now: You Should Pity Us Instead by Amy Gustine.

I’m posting a link to this blog because I really like the name, … And Then We Set It On Fire. Description:

A TECHNIQUE DRIVEN Blog dedicated to mastery of surface design techniques. First we dye, overdye, paint, stitch, resist, tie, fold, silk screen, stamp, thermofax, batik, bejewel, stretch, shrink, sprinkle, Smooch, fuse, slice, dice, AND then we set it on fire using a variety of heat tools.

Sounds kinda cool, huh? http://andthenwesetitonfire.blogspot.com/

Here’s a new-to-me quilt blog that I like a lot: http://www.dawnchorusstudio.com/

I’m working on getting my blog roll updated. If you’re a long-time listener and would like your blog in my list, let me know!