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  1. Yes, yes – I love it like this!

    p.s. I was cracking up when you talked about how “muggles” will never know things about our quilts. So true.

    Karen In NC

  2. Dear Frances, I prefer the second arrangement because, as I see it, the quilt now has a definite one-way design which invites the eye to travel smoothly down through the rows of color as they become more saturated. When the very light aqua was placed in the middle, it was jarring, stopping the viewer in mid-flow and breaking the quilt into two uneven sections.

  3. Yes, yes, much better now. These colors are just so misty, fadey, beachy, I love them. Carry on!

    Didn’t know you loved Wendell Berry. I like his non-fiction and anything about the folks from Port William. Vivid characters.

  4. I am glad you did that too. Although you could have ‘tried’ to live with it the way you first had it, I can promise you that EVERY time you looked at the completed quilt, you would wish you had changed it. Don’t ask me how I know THAT one! lol

  5. I am new to reading your blog. I left a comment two days ago, but it’s not shown above, so:

    I prefer the new arrangement because, as I see it, the quilt now has a definite one way design which invites the eye to move smoothly and naturally down over the rows as the colors increase in the degree of saturation. The row you moved is the least saturated to my eye, and when it was in the middle it broke into that flow, was jarring, and visually divided the quilt into two uneven parts.

    I like to think that visual gradients like this are pleasing because they mimic, in a stylized way, the way the sky looks at dawn and dusk, and the deepening of the color of the water as we gaze off into open ocean from the shore.

  6. The Pinwheel quilt is very nice. I prefer the latest rendition. Maybe you already mentioned this, but are you using batiks? Pinwheels always look cheerful to me – well done.
    Jodi B

  7. Yes–definitely like this one better. Very nice color flow! I agree–your editor will love it! Didn’t you say her name was Kaitlin? What about naming it “Kaitlin’s Beach Vacation” so she can feel all relaxed every time she cuddles with it? 🙂

  8. Finally got a chance to listen to last weeks episode- we celebrated a nine year old birthday recently too- it’s going too fast! My 13yo and 11yo show no signs of giving up trick-or-treating- much to my horror. But as I am already the “strictest mom” they know, I’m going to let them have that one for now 🙂

    Looking forward to this weeks episode.

    BTW- I just watched Downton Abbey for the second time and I’m so glad I did- I caught all kinds of things that I missed the first time 🙂 Why is it only 7 episodes?!

  9. Love the new quilt, and the pillow idea is fantastic for the “leftovers.” I am looking forward to hearing what you selected from your trip to the quilt shop. Thanks to you I am making a quilt from the Lintott Layer Cake, Jelly Roll and Charm Quilts–Little Houses. I look forward to making more.

    In the literary department: although I enjoyed the quirkiness of Lacuna, the book seemed to reveal a sense of exhausted exasperation at how being a public figure can overwhelm one’s life. Maybe it’s Kingsolver’s midlife crisis book.

    The most enjoyable novel I’ve read this year was Maggie O’Farrell’s The Hand That Once Held Mine. It was stunning.

  10. Hi Frances – the problem with listening to podcasts lat is that you can’t join in with the group. I love your final version and the name. So pretty. I’ve listened to so many of your podcasts today, I can’t remember on which one you requested ideas for quilting. What I do is go on flickr or google images and search for the quilt type by name. I’ve stolen some really good quilting ideas that way. Also, I would love to see the quilt your mother made for your son sometime.

  11. I think you did the right thing by moving the green row. Before it stopped the eye and now the entire quilt seems to just flow from top to bottom.
    Great job!
    BTW: Thanks for keeping me company as I drive to and from work.

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