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  1. I enjoyed your podcast today. It was like listening to a story. The half-hour went fast and now, darn it, I have to go to work. We have Red Shafted Flickers and they look very close to your bird. The spot is in a different place though.

    I can’t wait to see a picture (little hint) of Stormy Weather quilted. I am always in awe of quilters that can make bed sized quilts. Thank you for the mention of my blog Frances. You are a mensch.

  2. Yes Frances, it is a Northern Flicker. We have them in our yard in Rochester, New York all year round. They like eating the suet cakes we put out near the bird feeders. They are somewhat shy- they fly away when they see someone looking out the window at them!

  3. Also a big Parenthood fan here as well! It took Hubby a while to get hooked on that one, because it is a little too realistic sometimes- not escapist enough. But he recently admitted that he is now invested enough in the characters to watch. It reminds me of thirtysomething. Only I was twentysomething when that was popular 🙂

    I think I speak for all your devoted fans when I say that we need to see some pictures of Stormy Weather! You can’t describe the quilting and then not show us!

    I spent an enjoyable half hour or so listening to your podcast on a park bench stitching away while the girl was at fencing class. A very enjoyable time, thanks so much!

  4. I think your mother’s right about Berkeley/Barclay Square. There’s an old 40’s song ” A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square” and they pronounce it Barclay. And even though I’m old, I’m not that old. I’m more acquainted with the Manhattan Transfer version. Semi-old?

  5. Frances, I hesitate to write anymore about your Flicker but your picture precipitated a serious Birdie debate amongst the Birdie freaks in my family. Apparently your Flicker is a Northern Flicker, but a Yellow Shafted one. The ones we see out here are Red Shafted. (And apparently either bird can get friendly with each other.) I conceded to the group at large that were was evidence of yellow under the tail of your bird. Whew. Now can we put away our iBird apps, Audobon and Sibley guides people in my house?

  6. Frances – you asked about exercise in either Episode 58 or 59 so I’ll give you my two cents. Except for about four years when I was pregnant/nursing my two children, I have always exercised. Now at 42, I play soccer at least once a week, go to the gym -(2xweek) and attend yoga classes (2xweek) and I have to say that I’m in the best shape of my life. I know it seems like a lot but it is just a normal part of my daily routine. Glad you joined a gym to lift weights, etc. – lifting weights is great strength training which is vital to all women at any age. One thing you might want to try is yoga – great for the body and the soul. So enjoy your podcast!

  7. Frances, you had me laughing and giggling all through this podcast! I’m a faithful listener, first time commenter, lol. Love your podcast 🙂

  8. I was so pleased to find 2, yes 2!, episodes from you on my iPod. I haave now listened to them and still have a long drive ahead of me. I am so pleased about your plans for new quilts, but I see a severe dropoff in your time for the Sampler project. 🙁

    I think you bring up a good point about designing your own quilt and that is how much fabric to use per block. I knkw that you will be able to make one 12″ Double Pinwheel block with 2 FQs, if you want contrast. I am pretty sure that you will have extra fabric if you use 2 FQs.

    Do your LeMoyne Star!!!!!! Curves or fusing for the block?

  9. Hi Frances! After your last talk about people who don’t comment, I’m coming out of lurkdom for you! I love your podcast & it’s so nice to hear from a fellow introvert who also works at home. I listen to you while I’m longarming & every week you inspire me!

  10. Hi Frances! I’m just getting caught up on your podcasts and vowed to myself to tell you how much I look forward to listening to you. Even if you’re cranky or rambly. haha! Yours is the first podcast I go to after syncing! Thank you for doing this. Congrats on finishing the quilt. It’s a good feeling, eh? I love all the same tv show (except the Brits) that you do. That makes us kindred spirits no? hahaha!

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