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  1. Frances, librarians like you. Is there a greater endorsement? My sister-in-law is a high school librarian and I never thought the admin. appreciated what she did or her expertise. But we know. We know they are fantastic people who care about information getting to us. I am so glad librarians like you.

    I am happy you are learning the LeMoyne star because “y seams” will never seem hard to you in the future. So there is a goal there.

    Thanks for the descriptions and sounds of Fall. We have Fake Fall and I am a good pretender but your descriptions of Real Fall are nice.

  2. Love the LeMoyne star- let us know how it goes. We are Modern Family fans here too- and now Downton Abbey. Hubby is even hooked on Downton.

    I think you will find that Netflix just started charging you double in September if you didn’t tell them to do otherwise. We are streaming and getting DVD’s in the mail- I think we need to give up one of them.

    Always a pleasure to hear your voice. If you don’t want to go to Chicago in winter- then come out to CA! I’m sure my kid’s middle school would love to have you!


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