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  1. What is it about blue and white as a combination? Seriously beautiful quilt Frances. You, Miss Frances, are good with color.

    I truly loved your podcast and laughed a lot as you described “back to school” and volunteering. I am giving you a high grade as I was a reluctant volunteer (but without the interesting shoes.) I found the PTA meeting protocols difficult as an adult and would always hear in my mind my crazy dad at Back To School Night yelling out “Nay!” to everything to get a laugh. I remember being so nervous in the auditorium at the general meeting before the parents went to the classrooms (not much has changed there in fifty years) waiting for Dad to start his act.

    I do envy you your Fall. I do. We are about to commence on our most difficult season. Summer is a slam dunk in L.A. next to Fall unless you live near the ocean. So eat some pumpkin pie for me!

  2. That quilt is BEAUTIFUL Frances. Seriously, I LOVE it.

    You talked about JoAnn’s…. When I first started quilting I bought all my fabric at JoAnns because I simply couldn’t afford the quilt stores. I eventually did make my way to the quilt stores. I still do buy fabric at JoAnns if I like it, that’s how I base my decision. I’ve read a lot of info about the grey goods the manufacturer uses for JoAnn fabric isn’t the same as for quilt shops – however – the quilts I made 25 years ago from fabric all purchased there looks as good as the quilts I made out of “more expensive” quilt fabric. I also really like the cottons that Hobby Lobby carries (not sure if they have Hobby Lobby in your neck of the woods or not). Many of them are made by Blank. It says so right on the selvedge. Heck, I remember going to WalMart when they carried TONS of fabric. I LOVED shopping there for fabric – there are very few WalMarts anymore that sell any fabric. Those quilts still look great also. So basically, I buy what I like, regardless of which store it comes from.

    Love your podcast!

  3. Hey, Frances! Your quilt is looking wonderful! I do like the colors. Are you on SeamedUp? if so, check out DoreyR’s quilt, “Persian Storm”. http://www.seamedup.com/project/doreyr/persian-storm Not that most of us can do that, of course, but it is amazing.

    JoAnns: If money were no object, and I a really good quilt shop near me (well, The Fabric Shak in Waynesville is driveable, but not near me), I would probably not sew w/ JoAnns fabric, but I often do. I think their quality has improved some recently, and if you check the feel of the fabric before you buy, it is often fine, especially for backings, especially with a half-price coupon. I also try to remind myself that this is a pioneer, make-do craft, that is a luxury to buy any new fabric, and that many people aren’t able to be fabric snobs like me. Then eQuilter sends me an email and I buy more of the good stuff…

    Take care,

  4. Imagine my surprise.. I’m just strolling through on my daily blog slog and I see my name! *grin* Thanks for the endorsement Frances!!

    Blue and white is my favourite colour combo, and I have always loved storm at sea.. so as you can guess, I am LOVING your quilt here! Really, lovely!

    Daisy from Lazy Daisy Quilts Podcast

  5. I don’t see a companion blog post, not that I expected one, but it is nice that you are reposting earlier episodes. I really enjoyed hearing episode 1 again. Do you know that you said that quiltmaking gets a person up and moving around? You did! You are consistent.

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