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  1. Oh, I love these blocks! Of course, I am all about the blue and white fabric, and this is one of my favorite blocks! (why have I never made a quilt of them?)


    The Dresden plate block…. I used heat proof Mylar templates
    and would stick them inside the petal … I then dampen with liquid starch on a cue tip …. I then turn the seam allowance over the edge of the mylar templates to keep them in place while I press it in place….

    Keep in mind I have only made one Dresden plate block…. ONE was enough and like I said I like the pointy blades as seen in MC Calls latest magazine.

    I think the LINTOTT directions suck… making the blocks with jelly strips is an exercise in futility… I am thinking TRI-RECS BY WRIGHT EZ quilt tools would have made your whole process easier…. As soon as I find where I squirreled away my books I am going to check it out.

    I agree with you about the magazines… lately totally uninspiring…. Sometimes I think it is because I have such a huge collection of old magazines… I have seen everything… nothing new or nothing I can not figure out for myself.

    Got to run… I will comment when I get back home…. Going to a HOT AIR BALLOON LAUNCH.



  3. Love the colors and so appropriate! I too am in the line of the “hurricane”. If the power goes out, “applique” or do some hand quilting. Be safe!

  4. I enjoy your podcasts SOOOOO much. When I want to smile, I go back & listen to the one where you are wrestling with Simply Amy, Simply Frances or the Imperfectionist. Oh my! I am smiling just thinking of them! I love your humor. I only wish you would podcast more often. Hopefully, your earlier podcasts will be available at some point. Please don’t ever stop podcasting!!! You are my favorite & I listen to a LOT of quilty podcasts!! GO FRANCES!! Oh! & your blocks are gorgeous!!!

  5. I am going to listen to the ‘cast this morning. But in the meantime we, your listeners, are thinking about your weather. I know Chapel Hill isn’t on the coast, but I bet you get some wildness regardless. Keep your toes dry and, maybe, give us weather nerds an update next week!

  6. Oh Frances, what a lovely, podcast with so much information. I appreciate the Netflix updates so much. I have been watching the first two seasons of Bramwell which I think you and others would like. It is on the instant queue thingy (not very NF savvy, here.)

    When I was 16, I was in Carmel, CA with my best friend’s family. On their Zsa Zsa main street there was a boutique with Lady Bug and Villager brand clothes. In those days these were the clothes hip young actresses wore in the movies and definitely featured in Seventeen. I remember staring in the store windows knowing, too, that those clothes would make my life GREAT! But, alas, it was not meant to be. (The clothes, that is, life did turn out pretty great.)

    Lastly, it is always amazing to me how small life is in some ways. In teaching, we know never to gossip, because everybody knows somebody in the next district or is related to someone else. But in quilting, it is also amazing to me how close everyone is in space and time. Annie Smith on her most recent podcast mentioned that when she visits her family in Chapel Hill, Thimble Pleasures is her go-to quilt shop and I think she teaches there, too.


  7. My very first quilt was a French General charm pack quilt (just sewed them together- as easy as it gets!). If you ever make it out here to California- let me know and I’ll take you over the the French General store (I’ve never been).

    Lost in Austen is my favorite “sewing movie”! I stream it on Netflix- I’ve watched it so many times- love it!

    I love the Quilt Diary format- it’s fun to hear the “process” as you work through your problems. As you worked through your Stormy Weather issues, I was listening while working out my first pieced quilt back issues.

  8. Frances,
    I love your podcast. I’ve probably already told you that. I love your style and all the digressing. The episode about how wonderful you can be in your new, hand knit cardigan was so funny. But, wanted to say…love the storm at sea blocks. You’ve got me jazzed to start mine. I took a class, months ago (where is that information?) . Hoping to visit Thimble Pleasures soon b/c my daughter is a freshman at UNC. Stay safe in the storm.

  9. Gorgeous blocks. Always felt intimidated by this one…but with careful work it certainly looks manageable…your skills keep growing…quilt will be lovely.

    On another note: Hey you quilters way down the coast…keep your hurricane! Sounds like you were far enough away. I was directly on track, but not in a low spot so just lots of leaves and some branches to clean up this time. Didn’t anybody tell the weather bureau that Irene is supposed to mean “peaceful” in Greek?
    Since last October my neighborhood has suffered tornado (a first), major snow and ice storms, the VA earthquake, hurricane Irene, spraying for West Nile Virus, and we’re being examined again for ALB (Asian LongHorn Beetle). I’m tempted to say, “What’s next? Locusts?” But the first round of ALB some years ago probably qualified us in that category. Outside of NYC the hurricane/flooding losses are beyond huge in the NE and many will be suffering for a long time…

    Thanks for sharing my plastic boxes comments. Hope your listeners find it useful. Stay safe, stay well, keep ‘casting.

  10. Man those blocks are pretty. I confess, however, that I am amused at your podcasting about a quilt called Stormy Weather while waiting for a hurricane.

    Dresden plates look like such neat blocks, though I am a bit intimidated by all the pieces. Maybe someday!

  11. Hi! New listener from Maple Ridge, BC (Canada). Daisy from Lazy Daisy quilts sent me – and I’m glad!

    Mini iron – I just picked up the Hobbico one and it is so nice for the small fine things – just easier. Splurge 🙂

    I’ll look a bit further back but on another podcast you mentioned a book about charm squares and small pieces of fabric – what is that? I have so many charm squares… pleased to meet you!

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