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  1. I will go download in a minute- but had to comment on your beautiful Dresden plate! I *love* the colors!

    So glad you got the Shoo-Fly hung up! It looks great!

  2. Francis, your Dresden is adorable. I absolutely love dresdens, they are such a versatile block to work with. I hand pieced my quilt of dresdens and found it was so relaxing, and seeing yours makes me want to get going on a new dresden pattern I just recently bought, but alas, I have too many others in front of it on my list and now just need the time and mojo to do something. Thanks for your podcast. I love hearing your voice and actually feel inspired listening, not only just to you, but to all our quilty podcasters, you are all inspiring and motivating. Just give me more time. Vanessa (Aust)

  3. Miss Frances, My very first quilt was a sampler and it did have a Dresden Plate block, as well as, five other traditional blocks. It is pretty tattered now but hangs on the back of my quilting chair. While there are many ways to learn quilting, samplers sure do teach a lot of skills – as they are intended to do, yes? So I, too, hope people try a sampler. They are so much fun.

    Humidity is not for the faint-hearted. I never thought of it making heat more tolerable, but, hey! Everyone loves what they are used to. 🙂 Maybe your friend was in the Sierras which are so, so dry. As dry as they are bee-u-ti-ful (Just got back from there.) That thin dry atmosphere can feel so hot. Of course, I never talk about the weather either! Hahaha!

    Looking forward to your joint interview with your Mama.

  4. When I am at work I sneak a peak at my Google Reader and am always happiest when I see you have a podcast up. Today was such a BEAR, I really needed your podcast. THANKS

    I love your Dresden plate but I think you might try a lighter background. The contrast will show your workmanship better…. Low contrast however would hide mistakes better.
    I always prefer the higher contrast between blocks and background because I like seeing the workmanship…. I guess that is a NON MODERN way of doing blocks but that is just me.

    I use creative grid rulers only sold at quilt shops…. With my hand deficit I find they are easier to use and I also think they are easier to read. I have mostly Creative Grid … a few omni rulers left overs… all the fons and porter rulers are omni grid. I have a few specialty rulers… Elenore Burns Flying geese templates, John Flynn templates… but the majority of what I have is Creative Grid.

    Referring back to the quarter inch discussion…. the scant quarter is to help you maintain your accuracy and size of your block. Scant means smaller seam allowance…. just thread or two inside the quarter inch closer to the edge of your block. The purpose of accuracy is to be able to put your quilts together without TEARING YOUR HAIR OUT. … who wants bald quilters.


  5. quilting vid cast are on YOU TUBE… CHECK out Missouri Quilt Shop videos….

    No way would I vid cast I do not have any picture of me on face book/ my blog …. and I sure as heck do not want anyone looking at my home or sewing area…. Why I would have to clean and paint before that happened…. Podcast are great for me.


  6. Great podcast, Frances. I’m a transfibral 🙂 I love crochet, knitting and quilting. Made lots of gifts from Little Things to Sew. It depends on inspiration from the internet and podcasts. Made so many wedding quilts this summer and am enjoying crochet. Some shrugs for dd and a granny blankie. It’s in Stitch Nation bamboo ewe: lovely colors and very soft!

  7. I just wanted to mention that I *love* podcasts because I am a multi-tasker. I just listened to your podcast while walking the dog- which is when I do most of my podcast listening. I also listen while driving around (I am quite the Mom Taxi with 3 kids), and I listen while sewing. I find that when videos are sent my way, I never get around to watching them- it just doesn’t fit into my life. So vidcasts are not better- just different! Have a great vacation!

  8. Hi Frances,
    I enjoyed your latest podcast – I think you are brave to try the Dresden Plate! I tried one many years ago and it would have worked on a spherical quilt block – it was not even close to flat! Yours looks very flat, and nice color choices, too.
    I am also a knitter – both crafts have places where they work – knitting in the car or waiting room, or movie watching. Quilting takes up more space and mental bandwidth, but I love planning a new quilt! In a recent Ravelry thread someone posted that they lost about 10 pounds when they returned to the quilting because of all the up and down activity, whereas the knitting is mostly sitting (in reference to the previous podcast).
    I am glad to hear you joined the Ravelry Quilters Knitting ( or is it Knitters Quilting) group. I am occasionally active in the swaps and UFO club (knitwish). It is a great place to get immediate feedback – just post a question or photo and usually many people will give an opinion within a day.
    Thank you for the link to the introvert article. It describes this orientation very well. My 14 yo daughter saw the printout and said “You’re not an introvert, are you?” I think she was associating the -vert with something else! I replied, “Of course I am”. I didn’t say “And you are, too.” She will figure it out soon enough, as she spends so many hours alone in her room crafting or reading, after a day out with her friends.


  9. Hi Frances, the dresden block looks great. I love all kinds and recenttly completed a dresden quilt. Check out my blog entry dated 9th July 2011 on h Ittp://quiltingbycelia.blogspot.com. Also enjoy your podcast.
    Cheers Celia (from Australia)

  10. Didn’t know about the Ravelry group, and I, too, am a knitter and a quilter – a quilter for a lot longer, but knitting draws me in now and then. I will join you there!
    Don’t sweat the details on your quilt – it’s OK to not be perfect, no matter what anyone says. You will be happiest doing your own thing, you don’t have the same enthusiasm as you did with the Gwen Marston quilt you did. OK to learn this way,exact templates, exact 1/4″ – but don’t forget yourself. Love ya! Deb

  11. I was listening to your latest podcast on my way to work this morning. (#51) Surprise, my dad’s bday is Aug 10th too. Wow! lol. Happy Birthday to our Dads! I hope you have a great weekend with your family. Love your quilts … and your mom’s quilt is fantastic too! The Dresden plate is very nice. I love this pattern, but don’t think I have the patience for templates right now. I am definitely a multi crafter and sometimes wish I wasn’t. I’m not much of a knitter, but I do crochet. I like to quilt and sew and make cards and have learned how to weave on a 2 ft tri loom. I seem to have ADD with all of it. I tend to jump around a lot. Thanks for podcasting! Have a great weekend with your family!

  12. We listened to your podcast while quilting at the charity sew in, yesterday. YOU were better entertainment than the radio.

    We had some interesting conversations based on your program. We kind of think quilters are still doing SAMPLERS but they are now called BLOCK OF THE MONTH QUILTS. The style of setting also seem to have changed in that they are seen less in less in the traditonal setting of block and sashing in a grid format and more and more they are floated in background fabric with no sashing.

    I think quilters still do samplers even though the over all design pattern ( same block(s) over the entire quilt) has been more popular especially since fast chain sewing technique have been developed. ( and YOU TUBE instructions help alot with learning fast techniques.) MANY quilters realize there are almost 5000 block patterns and they want to try them all….. THE ONLY WAY TO DO THAT IS SAMPLERS.


  13. Just finished listening to your podcast. Love the colors of your Dresdan Plate.
    To answer your question…in addition to quilting, I also knit, spin and weave.
    BTW, just started art journalling a couple of weeks ago. Have a look at my blog to see what I am up to. http://iknitnquilt2.blogspot.com/

  14. Hi Frances,
    Let me know what the triangle is, because, perhaps, I can help you create directions for rotary cutting them. Also, my mom S-dad have their anniversary on your dad’s birthday! Small world, but I do think August is extraordinarily full of birthdays and events. You are so nice to say such nice things about me. I feel really fortunate to be able to get to know you better by sharing in the Sampler quilt experience. Sorry about not getting back to you on that Friday about sewing the petals together. I am usually tired on Friday and not very good about checking my email past about noon (my time).I like making samplers, because I love seeing how the same blocks look in different fabrics. A scant quarter inch is just a thread shy of a quarter inch. It is not very precise and I would suggest that you do a test block before sewing all of your blocks to make sure that they fit together. I am surprised that they haven’t said anything about a scant quarter inch prior to this one step, because usually a quiltmaker wants to use the same kind of quarter inch throughout the block. And everyone has my permission not to use patterns and to design your own quilts, just in case you need it. 😉

    Great episode, I listened to it twice.

  15. Great Podcast. I had to smile when you were talking about the rulers. I decided a couple of weeks ago that I was definitely replacing all my Quilter’s Rule rulers. They are 20+ years old and just plain worn out. I definitely got my money’s worth! I have looked at the Omnigrid ones FOREVER but the contrasting color is VERY distracting to me – I kept telling myself I’d probably get used to it – maybe… I’ve looked at the Creative Grid at the quilt stores a few times and decided to look at them closer. After talking to the owner of my local quilt shop I was sold and bought my first one. I cut out my first project this past weekend and I will say that I love them and will now be replacing all of mine with those.

  16. As always I’m late to the discussion, but I really, really like the Creative Grids rulers. Just enough traction on the back that slippage is less of a problem. Put them on my Christmas list last year and got three different sizes, 12 1/2 square, 6 by 18 1/2, and 6 1/2 square.

    The other thing that I have used that was incredibly more accurate than my norm are Marti Michell templates. If they come in the size you need for your project they are worth the extra effort.

    Jane (from Texas)

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