Episode 49: Look at My Mom’s Quilt!

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I don’t have anything finished to show you this week, but my mom does. Look at the lovely quilt she’s made to take her friend for a hostess gift.

Isn’t it beautiful? Hope to have some pix of my own quilts up soon!

Kristen has a new blog, They Grow Up Too Fast, with some great pix from the Sisters Quilt Show. Go check it out here: http://theygrowuptoofast.wordpress.com/

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  1. Love the sail boats… great for oceans but also for the Great Lakes… we use to sail a small boat when hubby and I were first married.

    Listen to you talk about cleaning the kitchen floor … I too have a large kitchen and hated mopping the floor. I recently bought the SHARK STEAMER and found it makes things a lot easier. I can clean the entire floor or just spot clean really quick … then just wash the pad. Love not having to haul buckets and water all around the kitchen… Use to take 3 to 4 hours…moving tables and chairs back and forth Now it takes less time and I can do it more often it I want.

  2. I, too, love your Mama’s quilt. How I love color in quilts.

    Also – you totally could make an art quilt. These quilts bring out of the quilt maker so many clues to where you were when you made it. Very Jungian and pretty darn wonderful.

    To complete my year of designated quilt education, I just took two days of classes with Pam Holland. Oh – it made my heart sing and I was amazed at her generous sharing of how she achieved different aspects of her extraordinary art quilts.

    Ok – thanks again for an excellent podcast. I like that you record outdoors when you can. It makes the ‘casts real and I feel as if I traveled a little bit.

  3. Wonderful quilt, mom! 😉

    You can put any block or applique’ into the spot where your mom has placed the sailboat. It is a very versatile setting.

  4. This is adorable! This is so much more than an Irish Chain quilt block pattern with the cute boats throughout the quilt. I love the colors. Thanks for sharing. You have inspired me to make an Irish Chain quilt for my niece’s little boys. I have to see what type of progress I can make.

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