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  1. Frances, I love, love, love your podcast! You bring a smile to my face, a chuckle to my lips & frequently even an uncontrollable giggle!! I am wondering why I cannot access Episode 26 – the interview with your mom. I get a message that it “cannot be played on this iPhone”. I am not able to download it to my computer either. I have been able to listen to Episodes 24, & 27-45.(several times!!) I do wish I could hear Episodes 1-23 & 25….. 🙁
    Can anybody help me with this??? I have a Mac but that didn’t seem to keep me from getting the Episodes that I have, just can’t download the others….??
    Can’t seem to get Episode 46, but I haven’t given up just yet.. Gotta have my Off-Kilter Quilt fix!!

  2. I was about ready to send out a search party! You cannot be gone that long, ever again. I have missed you, my friend! Glad you are back, can’t wait to hear about your garden flourishing, quilts blossoming, and boys cooperating!

  3. GLAD you had a good vacation but we did miss you. LOVE the maroon framing.

    I have been playing with the idea of painting my kitchen french blue and white. I know red is frequently paired with those colors in decor as I got the idea from a friends house. My house is an old Michigan farm house and tends to be dark. I just wanted a punch of color. The rest of the house is too beige.

    I like freezing basil leaves bundled into wax paper and then put in a freezer zip lock bags. Those leaves destine for pesto get chopped up in advance then put into screw capped containers

    Why did you not tell me you needed the right tilt directions. I would have posted it. I went back to playing with the charity quilts but I had planned to do a right tilt block. Sorry I will try get caught up with blogging soon.

    Happy Quilting

    Nonnie’s Quilting Dreams- Podcast

    Nonnie’s Quilting Dreams – Blog

  4. Glad you’re back, and I enjoyed your podcast, Frances. Love Kona Red and have made 2 quilts with French General this summer. Know your kitchen will be warm and cozy.

  5. Well Miss Frances, the Outer Banks sound amazing and someday I will go there on vacation. I am determined. I love your fabric by French General for your kitchen. I had not realized the French General brick and mortar store was in L.A. and I visited a few Mondays ago. (They are only open Mondays for walk-ins.) It was so, so lovely and Kaari Marie’s fabric lines were all lined up on bookshelves. The store was just filled with the vintage and antique buttons, papers, ribbons, etc. that Kaari and her people buy in France. I was so overwhelmed I didn’t buy anything – it was just too much goodness. I think Kaari is in France right now but her co-workers were very lovely and helpful.

    The Beach Boys – well they sang about the beaches in L.A. so while I don’t love them, most of my friends did. I remember going to a Beach Boy concert in Long Beach as a teenager and dancing on the chairs. It was definitely a party. But the Fourth – that is a stellar holiday.

    Glad you are back and even gladder you had a good, good vacation.

  6. Frances, you mentioned the UK ITunes site. There is also a specific one for Canada, and I’m betting other countries have their own too. You don’t realize it when you open up ITunes – I only discovered it because I kept seeing CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corporation) podcasts listed as most popular – I couldn’t believe that CBC was THAT popular! I did some investigating of my options and discovered it was “tweaked” for Canada. I’d suggest podcasters check out their reviews from other countries. To do so, you go into your ITunes account and there is a button to change the country. (PS I am Dazflap on I Tunes – my son and I share an ITunes account and that’s his internet nickname.)

  7. Frances – the French General fabric is lovely. I read through the other commenters and was surprised to learn from Kelly V that French General is located in Los Angeles -practically in my backyard! Thank you to Colleen for the podcast information about iTunes in other countries.

    Glad you had a vacation worthy of still wanting to be around your people. 🙂

  8. Hi Frances! Finally posting a comment, after enjoying your podcast almost from the first episode (I think I found you three or four episodes in) – you have a review on the German iTunes site, too 🙂 Glad to hear you had a good vacation. Love the red framing for the Shoo-Fly blocks!
    For the French General fans – Annie Smith recently interviewed Kaari Meng for her Quilting Stash podcast, Episode 204, with lots of great pictures on her blog: http://simplearts.com/blogs/?p=2651
    Off to listen to Episode 47 – it always makes me so happy when there’s a new Off Kilter Quilt to listen to!

  9. Love the French General fabric- my first quilt (only a year and a half ago) was with French General charm packs- a simiple patchwork quilt and I still love it.

    I may have to think about curtains for the kitchen too…

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