Episode 44: It’s Hot Over Here!

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I’m trying to get a lot of quilting done without passing out from heat stroke. Not that I’m quilting in the sun, but after a day at the pool, I’m drained. Fortunately, the AC revives me …

Here’s a picture of the Sawtooth Star I made for my sampler quilt:

And here’s one of my liberated Shoo-Fly blocks for the Modern Quilt Guild challenge:

Have a great week quilting!

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  1. LOVE the saw tooth star good contrast in your fabrics. Liberated shoo fly block is very liberated love the colors… are they all going to be solid?

    Will be planning to track your progress with your quilts… I am working on the charity quilt project. Lots of fun …. lots of work … Happy Quilting

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  2. Have had a Rowenta for years different models and at first was heavy now very used to but none have made it to a year before started leaking. Keep your warranty and they will replace so it is like getting a new iron every year though it is a pain that it starts leaking.

    1. Well this weekend 2 of my 3 Rowentas decided they can’t get hot so will be sending back in for service how frustrating. What did you decide to purchase? Do you like it – so far?

  3. Frances,
    I’m just catching up on my podcasts, and just finished listening to your last 3 episodes – fantastic as usual. Thanks for mentioning me and my “hoot” of a daughter, LOL. Hope you’re enjoying your time at the beach and I can’t wait for your next episode!

    Tanesha (CraftyGardenMom)

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