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  1. The BOMS are so cute!

    There’s nothing like a middle school gate keeper to make you crazy. I will try to remember that Siuthern charm trick, though.

    I am listening to the first Louise Penny and enjoying it. I left recommendations on Pam’s and Sandy’s podcasts about the free Dana Stabenow mysteries on the iPad.

    All the best.

  2. Sorry to hear your episode got eaten! Bummer all the way around. The BOMs are looking great! I love the Red, White and Blue one.
    Administrators scare me in general, nice or not. They have the power to make your child’s life difficult at school as do teachers. 😛 I don’t envy them their jobs at all though.
    I have a request in for Still Life from my library. I am listening to Inheritance (Christopher Paolini) right now. It is SO LONG! But I am enjoying it.

    1. So excited to have the new (to me) author recommendation. My library has all eight of her books in audio format so I placed holds on all of them. I will load them on my iPhone and have HOURS of great audio entertainment to keep me company while quilting. Can’t wait!

  3. I was just listening to a few episodes back where you were talking about half square triangles, specifically the strip tube ruler. I do not have that ruler but I have made a quilt top using the same method, with just a regular square ruler, tutorial for that can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOWSp0mTTqE&feature=player_embedded What I found was that it made very nice HSTs and it is a really easy method, however you need to be aware and be careful of the fact that you end up with squares that have all bias edges. If you don’t struggle with bias then it’s awesome. My quilt top came together great but I do find that the edges are a bit wavy from the stretch of the bias. I am hoping that it will all quilt out okay and that it can be eased in. So the jury is still out on the strip tube method!!

  4. Earlier this summer you had talked about a couple terms that are being applied to quilters or are used by quilters. I recentlly I came across the quilting term – Srap Vomit Quilts. It made me cringe and I had to wonder why a quilter would want make a quilt entitled Srap Vomit Quilt. I took a look at photos on Flickr with this title to see what such a quilt looked like. To me these quilts are a version of a scrappy quilt, however, to make one I could never do it since it has such a name. How do you feel about this term?

  5. I think your triangles look like a sunrise with lighter ones on the bottom and gradually darker as you get higher in the sky. The BOMs are lovely Miss Frances.

    My OT ilived in Raleigh for a few years and I haven’t convinced her yet that NC is absolutely beautiful. I think she never left her apartment with two babies while her husband was in grad school. She never even went to Asheville because she said it had too many steps. She is an excellent hand therapist though but it made me sad she missed out on a great state.

  6. I had a laugh when I saw these pics, I was doing my hand embroidery while I was listening to the podcast so my concentration was split two ways and when you were talking about your scrap baskets I was imagining those little baskets made from rolled fabric strips that a lot of people are making right now. I wasn’t paying close enough attention..(my female multitasking gene must be missing) Love your BOMS, all those points!
    I am almost finished piecing a small lap quilt which I sewing on my Featherweight, it’s very simple as befits a first “proper” quilt for me but it’s been fun to do and a great way to learn. With all my new found skills I have been giving my Beloved lectures on the necessity of measuring once then twice and one more time just to be absolutely sure before committing oneself to the final cut….hah!….Miss Smartypants has now had to sheepishly confess to cutting the first side border too short!!!!…. he was very sympathetic about it , after he finished laughing.

  7. Yes, Craftsey has lifetime access. They have sales once in a while too which is when I buy. There are free courses on YouTube for some of the same things but the quality and length of the Craftsey videos and the printable materials make the cost (under $20 for each course I’ve selected) worth it to me. They will refund your money if you’re not satisfied. No I don’t work for them, ha ha!

  8. I’m standing in the store, and have finally remembered to look in our Jinny Beyer’s “Quilter’s Album of Patchwork Patterns” which claims to have “more than 4050 pieced blocks for quilters” – and not even *that* has your Block With No Name in it. Lots of blocks made of just HSTs, but not on a 4×4 grid, with all pointing in the same direction. You are unique!

    Love the BOM blocks, and your tidy scrap baskets. Want to come to Germany and do mine?

  9. I think I have found the name of your blue half square block. It is called Mosaic # 17. It is from Quilt Patterns, Patchwork and Applique , St. Louis: Ladies Art Company, 1889. This information is from the Collector’s Dictionary of Quilt Names & Patterns by Yvonne M. Khin. I signed this book out from my quilters’ guild library today.

    There are many mosaic quilt blocks listed in the index of this book. I guess the ladies of the late 1800s just attached numbers to indicate a different style or type of block.

    If you are able to find this book in your area the pattern is listed on page 87 in the square section of the book.

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