Episode 97: Big Finish!

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Hexagon Garden quilt is done! If you want to see where all my blue scraps went, well, here they are. I really like the back of this quilt, which I may have posted a picture of earlier:

I’m so modern!

(As always, click on the picture’s for a clearer view.)

Here’s a much nicer photo of Rick’s Star Quilt:

And here’s the back:

Nicer pix, too, of Hidden Stars (photo credits to the Man, natch):

Books I’ve discussed recently:

What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarity

Still Life by Louise Penney

Mason’s Retreat by Christopher Tilghmann

Can’t remember know if there were others …

Hope you have a great week!

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  1. A couple of comments on your podcast: I think the problem some people have with using “sewer” (someone who sews) is a possible “confusion” with the word “sewer” (i.e, “underground conduit for carrying drainage or waste water.”) I still call myself a sewer, though, but then again, I’m old.

    I agree with you about the overuse/misuse of the word “porn.” I sort of the same objections to the overuse the word “rape.” Kind of takes the impact away and makes it “warm and fuzzy” when it really shouldn’t be.

    I’m also glad someone else is admitting to still being a feminist. For a long time, I had felt that the connotation a feminists was someone of more extremist views than most of the feminists I knew and grew up with (i.e. the “man-hating, ball-busting lesbian” myth.)

  2. Wowzer! Three quilts finished. Batiks are just the best as they can be anything in a quilt. I am a big fan of Stonehenge for the same reason – oh yes, and hand dyes.

    I heard Kai Ryssdale use the words “ruin porn” on NPR yesterday and I told him, I mean the radio, that we aren’t using that term anymore. Plus – pictures of dead and dying buildings are just too sad anyway.

    The discussions on your gut are very helpful Miss Frances. I have a daughter with annoying and life interrupting stomach issues. It is good to hear about how others are finding some help.

    Have a good, good NC week. Pretty, pretty hot on this coast (but I am not complaining too much.)

  3. Fantastic quilts. I would love to make that star quilt. Stars are my favorite block type to look at, but fiddly to make. Wonderful job!

    I love Foyle’s War – we are covering WWII in history now (homeschool) and that is a great different perspective for me.

  4. Your 3 quilts are lovely! I especially like the colors of Hexagon Garden – I am also a big batik fan.

    I looked up your Half Square Triangle block in my book that has all 1000+ Kansas City Star blocks and in an Amish quilt book, and it is not there either! I think you get to name it. There are blocks made up of all HSTs, but the triangles are turned in different directions to make square or diagonal patterns (Broken Dishes, Broken WIndows, Square Deal). You seem to have come up with a unique placement of one of the simplest units, and I think it will be fabulous! Are you planning sashing?

    I just finished listening to the audiobook of What Alice Forgot, and really enjoyed it – the couple grappling with the effects of kids and work on their marriage. Funny and sad at the same time – it is so easy to get caught up in the minutia, and lose sight of the big picture. I hope they make it into a movie – I want to see the giant pie! I thought it was very well done – thanks for the suggestion.

    And congratulations on your new book – I look forward to reading it!

  5. You have really been busy. I like the quilt, however, I really like the star quilts. I like star quilts a lot!

    Thanks for listing the books that you talk about. I just picked up What Alice Forgot today. I plan on starting the book tonight while sitting in bed.

  6. Late to the party, as usual. Got behind in my podcasts but getting caught up tonight. Listening to episode 97 as I write this. I have a couple of comments before I forget them as I listen to the rest of your episode:

    1. I really worked with my son and nephew (when he was living with us in college) when the word “pimp” was being thrown around with abandon. Every time I heard them say it (“you’re pimpin’,” “pimp my car,” etc.), I’d talk about the glorification of exploitation of women and objectification and so forth. They’d roll their eyes, but they learned not to say it around me. I like to think the message sunk in, anyway. Admittedly, I tried using the phrase “fabric p*rn” once or twice but it never sat right with me, and I’ve walked away from it again. Thanks for taking a stand.

    2. Strib Tube ruler–I used it to make my “Fortune” donation quilt, http://quiltingfortherestofus.blogspot.com/2012/01/donation-quilt-progress-fortune.html. It worked really well and went quite quickly. To be honest, though, I bought the Strip Tubing book at the same time as the ruler, so I wasn’t trying to just work off the instructions with the ruler.

    3. I had the same problem with the Luther TV series, as I did with Criminal Minds. There’s a few other shows I’ve stopped watching partway through over the years for similar reasons. TV criminal series, when they want to be “edgy,” start doing horrific things to women. You rarely see an episode with horrific things happening to men. I hate that. You want ratings? Do something nasty to a women and people will turn on their sets. What’s up with that?

    4. I’ve only called myself a sewist once or twice. I don’t know that I’ve ever used the word “sewer” just because it sounds awkward. Maybe because I’m a flutist, not a fluter. But flip-side I am a quilter, not a quiltist. Hey, there’s a thought: Maybe I should start calling myself a quiltist. And then all sorts of internet conversations will start revolving around what the nuance of difference is between being a quilter and a quiltist. People will form camps and self-identified Quiltists will hurl insults at self-identified Quilters and vice versa. Bumper stickers with “I Heart Quiltists” or “Quilters Forever” will battle it out on the back-ends of mini-vans crammed with women on shop-hops; cars with “Honk if you’re a Quilter” or “Quiltist on Board” will play chicken on back roads to retreat centers… On second thought, maybe I’ll just say “I make quilts,” and leave it at that. World peace.

  7. Rick’s Star Quilt looks great. It has been so much fun listening to the podcast about THAT adventure. I am on my way to Chapel Hill from Atlanta to visit my darling daughter at college. So, I’ll be catching up on my off kilter quilt podcasts. Maybe I’ll check out Thimble Pleasures too. Have a great day,
    Jodi B

  8. I think that Hidden Stars is my favorite of the three lovely quilts. I did a table runner in a similar style.

    No Blog yet, but I’m glad to hear that there would be support for the same. I’ll have to send Kelly the Vth a note.

    All the best.

  9. Craftsy – fun place! Lots to choose from, and from what I’ve seen, well-produced tutorials. I’m taking a class there too. Signed up for it when they had a half-price promotion. There are also free tutorials – have you checked them out yet?

  10. I love Louise Penny’s books. Have you listened to any of them on audiobook format? The narrator/reader is heavenly. I’m not sure who I am more in love with– Inspector Gamache or the narrator!

  11. Francis, I listen to you and Sandy and the rest of the podcasters on my way to and from work, so I can’t comment at the time that I am listening, and I forget to comment when I get home.
    Anyway, I think you were recently asking for suggestions of different methods of making half square triangles. I have never made a full size quilt, so am definitely not an expert, but I look at TONS of quilt photos online and read lots of tutorials and watch video tutorials and even attended a quilt show last fall. Well, it was at that quilt show that I came across a tool that I should have bought when I had the chance because they were all gone when I went back for it. It is called Triangle Genie.
    If you go to YouTube and search for it, pnwgramma has a very informative and interesting video on making half square and quarter square triangles with no waste. She also shows several other tips and techniques for using the tool. I am ordering one from Nancy’s Notions today.
    Thank you so much for keeping me entertained on my daily drive.

  12. I like the fabrics in Hidden Stars very much! They give me that sort of “shabby chic” feel. Sweet, soft, faded, and comfy. I had a bag of scraps that were similar to these that I used for my Row Robin.. I get the finished top back in December, and I am so excited to see what all my friends did with their rows.

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