Episode 95: The Untitled Episode

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Here’s a picture of me and Torie last weekend at Foster’s. Always fun getting together with a SisterQuilter:

Here’s what I’ve got so far with the Sunshine and Shadow blocks:

And here’s the adorable card my niece Gabi sent me. She made it using the yo-yo maker I gave her for her birthday. She’s so creative!

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  1. Another enjoyable podcast. The blocks are lookin’ good!
    Your niece made a very cute card. It makes me want to get my papercrafting stuff out again. One hobby is all I can handle at the moment. Maybe once I have gotten caught up on reading and UFOs. Wait, that won’t ever happen! LOL
    So nice that you got to visit with Torie! How fun!

  2. Thank you for the cicadas. ((I am not unaware of how nerdy my love of birds and insects (the interesting ones) is.)) My aunt left Pasadena after WWII and went to live in Japan for the Red Cross. When she returned to the States she worked for the Red Cross out of Charlotte her entire adult life until retirement when she came back home. I think she visited us in L.A. maybe 4 or 5 times over my childhood and I loved her stories of life in NC. She loved to talk about the damn cicadas. I remember how much we all laughed.

    I love your lefty brain Miss Frances. I think you called your beautiful quilt, Sun and Shadows, Shadows and Stars, and maybe Sunshine and Shadows throughout the podcast. Maybe the quilting will point to a good name.

    Oh school! I bet your boys will both love and sigh next week. I bet you will smile. Have a good, good week.

  3. What a lovely morning we had at Foster’s with the crepe myrtle hanging over the porch and the uncharacteristically cool weather!

    Eric is working away on his Ap Human Geography pre-school work; he does much better when I hide his DS-3 before I leave for work 🙂

    Looking forward to your new book … it sounds great, people.’

    BTW, it’s the Eastern Shore of Maryland, not Coastal Maryland, since you asked in reference to Christopher Tilghman’s books. There is an old bumper sticker that says, “There is no intelligent life west of the Bay,” but I live west of the Bay and I am SMRT, as Pam would say!

    All the best.

  4. France’s, I went through braces twice, once in high school and they pulled out 4 teeth, then again in my 40s to undo the damage. Was more than worth it as an adult, but seemed to hurt a little more than I remembered! Just trying to be hones about it, you will be fine!

  5. Hello, France
    I’m so glad to hear that you are feeling much better from what I know certain foods and other things that go with it can make things difficult sometimes. You talked about friends I would have to say as adult I only have a few friends and like you I really don’t have a bff. I will say that I completely understand about taking the stitches out of your Star Quilt. I was doing a donation quilt that I was hand quilting and it had puckers in it. I debated on what to do if I should leave them or take them out. I knew in my mind that all I could see was the puckers so I did what you did I started ripping the stitches out and went back to sewing. By the way I like when you do the podcast outside it will start getting to be nice outside instead of this gut wrenching heat. I know marking my quilts has been a challenge I’m glad you brought this up. I have heard of people using freezer paper to put there patterns on. I only hand quilt but trying to find a marker or chalk pencil that works good I have been still having problems finding a good one. I don’t think this is talked about enough I know it is on the forums but I haven’t heard it much on podcast.

  6. I think Under Armor is the brand you were thinking of for athletic clothes? And I was re-listening to previous podcasts, specifically one when you got the yo-yo maker… how are those coming? Those blocks look wonderful! Such crisp lines!

  7. While in Chapel Hill this morning, I simply had to take a little side jog to Thimble Pleasures. Tidy little place. Hard to take my eyes off that color matching wall of fabrics. Told the lady there (who knew you) to say hi to you for me.

    Have you been to Elegant Stitches, in Cary? The store is a tad larger and has more patterns and sale stuff. The people who help are a little more…well, it’s like they want to make a connection with you. And they have some fabulous batiks on sale too. Of course I got some but I was pretty well behaved all things considered.

    In any case, it wouldn’t be too much of a drive to get to Elegant Stitches. It’s on Tryon just a tad east of 64W/US1 south from I-40. There is a Whole Foods there too and other interesting little lunchy shops if you and a quilt buddy want to take a little road trip.

    Phyl Still Stitchin’

  8. Catching up on you podcasts- I hope you see this comment.My thoughts on Thangles are this: why spend my time doing only a couple of triangles when I could do as many as I need with Triangles-on-A-Roll? I don’t mean to brand slam- but they work much better for me. Cutting 1/2 width of fabric, you can get a bunch done quickly. Edyta Sitar, Laundry Basket Quilts, does her own version. I originally took 2 fat quarters and gridded them out, then continuous diagonal sewing makes it fast. But for just a few I agree, I cut larger and trim down – I like Deb Tucker’s tucker Trimmer- and she is a friend of mine.

    PS I have been enjoying the crickets in Vermont – I even heard some last night! October 15th!

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