Episode 94: The Unquilting

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Quilted Rick’s Star Quilt. Hated it. Tore out the quilting. Here’s what the first go-round looked like:

Here’s what the requilted quilt is shaping up into:

As always, click for larger, clearer images.
Here’s a shady shot of the small version of the half-square triangle blocks I’m working on:

All the squares are made from the same fabric, a batik with different shadings. Any idea what a block like this is called?
By the by, my computer screen is acting funky, so while I hope I’ll see you next week, who knows what’s going to happen next? Oy vey!

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  1. I actually think the first quilting on Rick’s quilt was beautiful. I do love the swirls of the “new and improved” quilting too. Mostly I just admire your ability to jump into “unquilting” something you were not personally happy with. Takes guts my friend!

    As for the HST bloc, fun stuff! I know batiks are just now growing on you but I think 90% of my work is in batiks. Love, love, love them!

    Sending good techie thoughts that your computer behaves for you.
    Now off to listen to your newest podcast!

    ~ Terje (terry) from Colorado

  2. Sunshine and shadow? I made a quilt once with triangles like these and that is what it was called but the pattern maker may have made up the name. Love Rick’s Star quilt quilting.

  3. I am laughing my head off right now. Can you guess why? 😉
    I don’t see what you see, but I would have ripped them out too if it had been me.

    Can’t stop giggling…

  4. HSTs can be made with paper foundations like Thangles. I did a block of the month using them and they were great. They even had really small ones that I did a little Christmas ornament quilt block with (though it was not terribly accurate due to my novice sewing abilities.) Also, I just learned that when piecing them together as a group, to preserve the points, you sew through the X the seam makes. See here for photos: http://quiltinggallery.com/2012/07/12/beginners-quilt-along-block-6/
    There have been a lot of great tips throughout this Quilt Along. Just go to the main QA page to see all the blocks, their tips and tool suggestions. They had a couple for HSTs if I remember right.

    Thanks for another great podcast. I loved your thoughts on adult friendships. I think groups still happen as adults, they are just more fluid and people move in and out as their time/schedules allow them to participate in this thing or that thing. And marriage makes a big difference for some as well, though women always seem to need women to connect with regardless. I am still trying to find some solid friends here in CA since it has just been a year since we moved from Texas.
    And lastly, I love it when you chat on the porch. The cicadas and birds and such are such a pleasant accompaniment to your voice.

  5. Braces! When I was 49, I got braces and wore them for four years. It’s worth doing. Not easy but is a good thing. I remember thinking how I had braces on for as long as I was at UNC. It was unnerving but 10 years later I wish I’d done it sooner.
    Oh yes I laughed and looked at your original quilting and now that you mention it, I there was something private part-y about it. Love the new swirls.
    Anyone using a hand crank? Someone offered me a beat-up motor-free Singer 221 that sews a nice stitch, and I put a crank on it. Hand cranks are great for small piecing and it’s so small and light that I can carry it anywhere easily, room to room or on a trip.
    Speaking of trips, I can’t resist visiting your hangout Thimble Pleasures when I’m in Chapel Hill later this month. It looks like there is a Whole Foods around the corner too. Dinner and a show!

  6. You have probably ruined stipling for me forever! 😉 Your new swirls look wonderful, very Van Gogh-esque. If it bothered you enough to start rationalizing that it might be okay after washing, etc., then you needed to remove it. Important to go with your intuition/instincts. Love, love hearing your podcasts. They are thoughtful and delightful.

  7. Hee hee! Was laughing out loud! Definitely have to re-do when you’ve got something like that burned in your brain when you look at the quilt!!
    Also enjoyed hearing about the article: having friends as an adult. We recently moved and being the introvert that I am, it is taking awhile to make friends. Good thing I have all you quilty podcasters to listen to!
    Love the swirl quilting on Rick’s Star quilt – what an awesome gift!

  8. Oh Frances! I totally understand un-quilting a quilt–if Mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy! I have a stipple-like pattern that has hearts in it, and on paper it always reminds me of intestines! It quilts up much nicer though, and you can tell it’s hearts. Braces–I just finished round 2, got them my 2nd year in college as parents were in denial–try explaining headgear to professors who thought I’d been in an accident. Round 2 was only on my upper teeth, still wearing a retainer at night, but teeth no longer chipping when I eat so worth it. Enjoy your garden-we’re just starting to get tomatoes in Seattle.

  9. I was thinking Birds In the Air for the unidentified block. And I totally relate to the adult friendship thing. For an introvert- you sure seem to have a lot of friends! 🙂

  10. I think you made a good choice in ripping out the quilting. This is a design choice and you went with a good design as opposed to getting the thing done.

    I think you have found the name of this block (I am behind on podcasts), but I see it is called Mosaic No.17 in Electric Quilt. Also known as Mosaic No.17 in The Quilter’s Album of Patchwork Pattern, pg. 428-1. Also known as: Ann and Andy, Design No.1, Geese in Flight, Mosaic No.10, Triangle Charm according to the same book. I don’t see it listed in either source as Sunshine and Shadow or Birds in the Air. The two sources list other designs as Sunshine and Shadow or Birds in the Air. Of course, there are so many names for blocks, that who really knows?


  11. Beautiful quilting and great job making it just what you think works. Better to live with it in the long run.

    Fellow UMass Amherst Alumni

  12. Good for you for listening to your inner voice and taking out quilting you didn’t like. I agree the spirals look better. I have done much un-sewing and un-knitting too! It always feels better- even if it’s only me that knows. And yes it always takes me longer than I thought it would.
    PS I’m listening to your Falling In book on CD- Very enjoyable!

  13. Love your podcast! I’ve been listening to old episodes and have caught up to episode 94! I will be sad when i can no longer listen to 3-4 episodes per day. 🙂
    I’ve been thinking about sharing a tip that came to mind when you were contemplating ways to freeze tomato paste in small amounts. I used to freeze homemade pureed baby food in ice trays, then, once frozen, pop them out into a zip-lock freezer bag! It worked so well! I haven’t thought about it in years, however, when you spoke again about your tomato paste, it came to mind. 🙂
    Love your work! Love the cicadas!!! (reminds me of sitting on my mother’s porch in the back woods of north Florida) Keep sharing!

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