Episode 93: Another Late One (Or else a somewhat early one)

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My brain is running slowly these days … I could have had this episode out last week … and didn’t. Oh, well. Fall’s a-coming, and things will speed up again.
Latest block of the month block:

And the before picture of the master bedroom. The after picture to come soon! Watch this space!

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  1. When you make your HSTs, are you making them bigger and trimming them to size?
    What probiotics are you using?
    Will we get to see the sweaters?
    I look forward to seeing the pattern(s) you create.

  2. So glad you’re starting to feel better! I love listening to your podcast….so chatty and interesting. And thanks for the recommendation about the Susan Branch blog….lovely!

  3. Well, you know I think that a royal blue and white quilt would be fabulous for your room, but us Duke fans love everything in those colors 🙂 It’s been a good Olympics for Duke fans [check out the Diving Medalists.]

    We are bringing Katie back to Raleigh for Senior Year at NCSU on Friday 08/10; I’ll shoot you an E-Mail to see if your schedule is open.

    All the best,

  4. i love listening to your podcasts–the only frustrating thing is i want to answer back right away!

    half-square triangles–i gave up on accurate ones–so my method is the cut two squares and sew 1/4″ on each side of the diagonal. i cut the squares a smidge bigger (1/8″) i.e. add 1/2″ to your finished size (if you want 2-1/2″ HST, then cut the squares 3″); sew just inside the 1/4″ line so it’s a scant 1/4″ seam allowance, and then trim down. yes, it’s very tedious to have to cut down a billion HSTs but the reward is accurate ones

    are you referring to the arts & crafts movement re: your headboard? i also like your idea of the wrought iron one–if you watched Seinfeld, Elaine had a wrought iron headboard and hung a 2-color quilt (i think it was yellow/white) behind it–it was beautiful! one day…. (we’ve been living in our house over 15 years and still don’t have a headboard! 🙂

    glad your tummy is feeling better and hooray on losing 6lbs! sadly, that seems to be the only way i can lose weight–is to have tummy issues!

    love susan branch as well–have been a big fan of hers for years. do you know that she also has fabric out as well. listening to your podcast made me want to work with them so i dug out a FQ bundle –i have yards of her fabrics that i’ve been hoarding–have only made one wall-hanging of hers these many years–time to dust them off.

    2 more weeks before school starts for my kids! i have mixed feelings though–our school is parent participation so i volunteer there a lot. plus, i’m one of the school librarians (we’re very lucky to have a full-time position that is split into two) so back to school also means back to work. it’s too bad that i’m out in california or i would definitely invite you for a school visit! (i know you’re not too fond of traveling) (though if you’re ever in California–the san francisco bay area–let me know if you want to mix business and pleasure!)

    (btw, kids aren’t home right now which is why i have the luxury of writing back such a long comment! tks for podcasting–so much fun to listen to you while i sew 🙂

  5. I echo stitch (ha!)the others in saying how pleased I am that your tum is feeling better though I guess you won’t be willing to try your morning coffee just yet . How wonderful The Man is showing his love by painting your bedroom, you feel excited about it and he feels good for making you happy , you have a great relationship,, cherish him (as no doubt you do)As always it is a pleasure to have you as my guest in my sewing room, your pod casts can’t come often enough.The block is looking good, keep us updated.

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