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  1. Welcome back! I hope your trip was fabulous. I look forward to the podcast.
    The quilts are coming along nicely! Rick’s stars look great!
    A little book update. All the kids and I liked Falling In quite a lot. I enjoyed Chicken Boy and it is making the rounds with the kids now. I am getting ready to listen to Shooting The Moon. I am trying to track down a copy of The Secret Language of Girls since our library system does not have it. We read the sequel first, unaware it was a sequel until too late. I have really enjoyed the books and your writing style. You have some really great phrases and descriptions.

  2. Glad to hear from you – I missed you while you were on vacation! Hope you are feeling much better. I’m off the caffeine as well, hopefully for good, after my own little stomach blahs and have to confess it helps.

    The quilt tops look great. Rick is going to love his quilt whenever it arrives.

    Thanks so much for keeping me sane while doing mindless computer work. It’s always fun to have a friend chat to make the time pass.

  3. I have just listened to your podcast describing your visit to the store and choosing the binding. I just love these William Morris fabrics..very subdued colours on this which work well with the quilt top.Considering you have been feeling a bit ickey with your health I think you have done really well to keep up with your quilting and knitting..I find that concentrating on my stitching can help by taking my mind off any niggly problems I might otherwise fret about.

  4. My take on the “look” from the Thimble Pleasures lady is that she was amazed at how well your machine quilting matched your hand quilting!

    I am working on a Disappearing 9-Patch with a William Morris Charm Pack; I used dark gray for an accent and a creamy gray and white for the background.

    Tummy troubles are no fine. Mine kicked up a few years ago and the doctor told me: 1. No red wine [no issue, since I don’t drink.] 2. No chocolate [I was off sugar at that time.] 3. No caffeine [Well, I’ll drink caffeine-free sodas.] 4. No soda [WHAT! I don’t drink any coffee and very little tea, so soda is all there is left!] Well, it worked and the issues have not come back [but the soda has!]

    All the best.

  5. I love those William Morris prints you were talking about, in fact I am making my second king size quilt with Morris prints from Barbara Brackman. This one with a layer cake from the same line you used.

    And I also wanted to say that I *LOVE* hand sewing binding too. I just put a hold on Foyle’s War from the library per your recommendation so as to have some more excuses to sit down and bind 🙂

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