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  1. I do believe this is the first photo I have seen of you. I saw a group shot of you at the waterfall but wasn’t sure who was who in that photo. Nice, hip Mum and a charming son.
    Your garden appears to be quite vast and potentially prolific. And the rambly look is perfect!

  2. You know I love that Jack is at the Duke T.I.P. program 🙂 My kids didn’t qualify since the program does not extend to Maryland. Our version of the program comes from Johns Hopkins, although we never had the $ to send the klds to the camps.

    Hope your hips are better soon; it’s all a part of geting older, I guess.

    All the best.

  3. I think that picture of you and Jack will be treasured as the years go by. There will be so many more that mark the archetypal moments in his life but age 13 is so special. Rambling Rose was a nice way to start this wonderful weekend – the first of summer – sorta!

  4. I hate ‘Rachael’. She calls me a few times a week to help me with my credit card. She has more phone numbers than the city I was born in!
    Happy Birthday, a week early!!! Hope you get that trainer time!!!!!!!!!

  5. Great pictures – the stars seem to be coming along quickly! And I loved your discussion about time and eternity and how time really isn’t money and how we seem to ‘de-value’ quilts/projects if they aren’t made with the first cut of a fabric. Most of my sewing is done with sheets and clothes from the thrift store and sometimes it is hard for me to get past the fact that they are thrifted, though that is how I’ve chosen to do things. It’s all just fabric, right?!?! I believe Sandy talked a little bit about ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ in her slow quilt talk, and I think this is the same thing.
    Who’s rambling now? Anyway, really enjoyed the ‘talk’ and topic as it is certainly something I think about too!

  6. This was a great episode. I think I may even reliten. You brought up some great philosophy without sounding preachy or domineering. NOT an easy thing to do. No wonder your books are so great! Thanks for 2 years of great podcasts. 😉

  7. I think you are very funny. I Live in the State of New Hampshire and think we could be best of friends because we hve many of the same interests. I love quilting and do mostly donation quilts. I have listened to all of your podcasts from the beginning while walking my dog zippy. Keep up the good work. Really enjoy you.

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