Episode 83: Slow Week

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What have I been working on? Feast your eyes:

I didn’t make the jacket, per se, I just reconstructed it.

That, by the way, is Will, with the model he and the Man made of Fort Sumter. Oh, third grade state project week! How I will miss it.

Anyway, it’s a short episode this week, but it does contain a short but sweet interview with my mom, AKA Jane, which is always nice. Enjoy!

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  1. Oh so cute…the boy… fort is nice….jacket is nice but he is so cute !

    Hope you ladies take the opportunity to have home sew in retreats….You will get a lot done… but more important have memories to share of your time.


    love the bird singing


  2. I think it is very cool that you can share quilting with your Mom and feel like you were on retreat with her, too. That says so much about you and your Mama.

    Also – The Swamp Fox was my husband’s favorite, favorite book when he was a kid. He had a lot of trouble with reading and he managed to get through that book. I wonder if many kids today know about Frances Marion on this coast?

    Paducah! Wow – that will be something, won’t it?

  3. I tried to do a report on Frances Marion back in the day; he was a character in the Elsywth Thane “Williamsburg” series and I was fascinated by him. Not much material at that time.

    I love how Will’s button came off when it didn;t even have a buttonhole to stress it.

    To translate the French titles in your magazine, you could use Google Languages. It’s under the “Even More” options on Google or use this link. http://translate.google.com/?hl=en#.

    Hope Chicago is a good gig; “Falling In” is the book we listened to on our Florida trip and we loved it.

    All the best.

  4. I’ve never seen a photo of Will (I think) and yet he looks just as I imagined in my m ind. How cool is that! Sweet guy you have there. He looks rather like young photos of my Dad. That means he’s quite handsome. He seems so proud of his project,

    Quilting with your Mum! So special! I “sort of” quilt with my Mum in that we talk about quilting on the phone and send photos of our projects via e-mail. Living so far from each other, we have not sewed together since I was in High School. I catch myself saying “My Mum would freak if she knew I did that!” or “My Mum said a quilter should always (or never) do …. So I guess she is always quilting with me. Hmmm, thanks for the warm feeling that just washed over me. Now back to the quilting I had to take a break from.

    Terje (Sounds like Terry)

  5. On the issue of containers, Costco currently has these 13 x 13 plastic hinged boxes that work great for storing blocks. I think their original purpose was for scrap booking. They are selling them in my town 5 for $20 which seems quite reasonable compared to the craft stores’ prices. They are in several colors. I wish they were all clear but I label mine and it works. Only problem is that, when I bought 5, I was compelled to come up with 5 WIP which is far more than I need to have going at one time. Such is life.

    On the Kaffe issue, I am in the club of “What was he thinking?”. I want to love them but generally cannot get there. I guess that’s why there are so many different designers so they can keep all of us quilters happy and content. On the other hand, Bonnie Hunter believes, and I concur, that any fabric that seems ugly will lose its ugliness if cut up small enough so there ya go! Just fut that stuff real tiny and all will be good.


  6. Adorable child! Love the photo. Re: containers – I use containers I get at the grocery. The best are fromt he gluten free scones and biscuits I buy at whole Foods. They fit about 4 stacks fo 2.5″ squares or a stack fo 2.5″ squares and a stack of 2.5″x4.5″ rectangles. Obviously have put different sizes of other pieces as well. They stack well, have lids that aren’t difficult to open and I am reusing something I already buy on occasion.

    Re: Kaffe Fassett – like any designer, some of his stuff appeals to me and some doesn’t. I think much of his value comes from shaking up the way we put fabrics together. We may not all like the riot of color/chaos of scale, but it is exciting. 😉

  7. I love the episodes when you chat with your mom. It’s like being at your mini-retreat with you. I love MEBP in linen, not so much on the lavender.

    Ornithologist is the word you were looking for – the bird expert.


  8. (BTW – it is relatively inexpensive to replace a cracked screen although a Mac screen may cost a little more. We spend about $120 for a screen and the tech to replace my son’s screen on his PC. He had gotten a call at his fire station and slammed his computer shut on his headphones. The local tech dude ordered the screen, replaced it, and that was that.)

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