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  1. Some day I want one of those old sewing boxes that are like an end table. I always have something to sew while watching TV but hate having all my little bits hanging out on the bookshelf next to my chair! Besides the disarray and dust, they are way too enticing to our pesky cats!!!

    Plastic containers…if you do go with them, REALLY watch how they open. I have a few shoebox sized ones that King Kong would find challenging to get a banana out of! I do love the storage boxes that have the two wing-latches on either side and the handles on top. I have three different sizes of them in my studio. A few of them have trays in the top part. I keep my doll making tools in one with doll embellishment bits below. Another one like that has several marking pens in the top and an assortment of embellishments for all sorts of projects that I never seem to do! The rest have things like my Christmas fabrics, or Halloween fabrics, or smaller pieces of batting scraps, or ribbons, or ??? I have over a dozen in here!

    I’ve been busy remaking costume dresses for our performance at the end of April in Fayetteville, AR. Oh the trials of pounds lost and expensive costume pieces that are best redone instead of replaced! (hand to head in a swoon like the old time southern belles would do) hahahaha

    Enjoyed the podcast, as always! hugs and bfn

  2. Enjoyed the podcast. My grandma had a YO YO quilt which she placed over over a white bed cover in her guest room. As a child I liked looking at all the different pieces of fabric. It looked very nice highlighted against the white. My sister use to work her fingers through the holes and occasionally grandma had to re-sew her yo yo-s. I do not know who got the quilt, I think one of my aunts.


  3. Oops, sorry Frances! When I recommended the Medallion book I didn’t even look at the price since I already own it. I bought mine on Amazon too and caught it when there was a cheap copy available.

    And you don’t have to wait to learn applique to do a Medallion, there is another book on Amazon on English medallion quilts (and very cheap) that covers medallion styles with only pieced blocks. I recommended the other book because the quilts in there look like the Sewing Sisterhood ones.

    Re scraps: you’ve never read about Bonnie Hunter’s (of Quiltville) scrap saver system? It’s on her web and blog site and she talks about all the different size cuts she collects and why. She also recently blogged about changing over to use baggies for her scrap strips. Worth a look for another perspective on the matter.

    O.k. going back into the background—really!!

  4. Enjoyed your podcast- did a deep clean on the kitchen while listening to you and Pam. When you were talking about how you didn’t care for the Santa quilt I could relate in this way: I feel like I am the only person in the world who does not care for Kaffe Fasset fabrics- people go on and on about them and when I look at them I think “gaudy”. Now that I have offended everyone I will get back to my housecleaning 🙂

  5. I do love yellow green, Frances; it is the color of peridot and I bet you could wear it well. I can’t – it makes me look kind of ill. Right now, though, with the new Spring leaves on the trees, I am in yellow green heaven. Sadly, my sister’s oak tree which towers over her house and keeps the temps in her house easily 10-15 degrees cooler than other houses like hers in the summer also produces the Green Death. I have never seen pollen like it although I have read about pollen like this. So – yellow green is my sister’s least favorite color. Color – it is mysterious and grand, too.

  6. Hi Frances,

    Your podcast and my sewing did a a whole karmic meet-up today. As I was listening, I was working on my “General’s Wives” BOM which features older-looking fabrics including lots of the dreaded yellow-green. I’m also working on the “Cut the Scraps” book. My scraps haven’t gotten to the need-a-big-box stage so they are in a nice jewelry box for now.

    Kurt and Eric are off to soccer-ref this afternoon; I will be inside quilting so that I avoid the Green Death trees mentioned by Kelly.

    All the best,

  7. Hi Frances! I enjoyed this episode. I wanted to let you know (since you sorta asked) that I mostly use Bonnie Hunter’s Scrap User’s System, which you can find more details at quiltville.com. She suggests cutting scraps into sizes that play well together, 1.5″, 2″, 2.5″ and 3.5″.. but not 3″ because they don’t work well with all the other sizes. I seem to end up with more 2.5″ squares and strips more than any other size. Probably because I cut that size first, without thinking too much.

  8. I am so glad you pulled out the Sampler blocks. I can’t wait to hear what you are thinking about them. I will see about getting the templates ready for the next installment.

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