Episode 80: Making Progress

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Lots of things in the works and one finish. Here, my friends, is the finished Sawtooth Star Quilt, hung from the curtain rod (in case you’re wondering why it seems to blocking a window):

Here’s the back:

Hexagon Garden, top finished, borders needed:

And this month’s BOM from Grandma’s Attic:

Have a great week!

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  1. I understand your dilemma with the use of rulers. I often feel like ” there has to be an easier way”. I have a local quilt shop in sioux falls sd that did a ruler of the month last year. They did a tutorial on each month in the shop and posted them to you tube. Just search Heirloom Creations. Also, I really like creative grids and they have how-to videos on you tube and their own website that really show the benefits of all those extra marks and speciality rulers. Hope this helps. It really helped me!

  2. Beautiful Sawtooth Star Miss Frances and a pieced back makes my eyes so happy.. I do love those batiks. I like the Hexagon Quilt as it is without the setting triangles. Wouldn’t it look interesting on the wall without them?

  3. Hi Frances,

    I have done something with the “Cattails and Clover” line that you are planning to use for one of your projects. I got one of the Moda boxes that had small squares of three different lines of fabric; it included “Early Bloomers” by Sandy Gervais and “Birchbark Lodge” by Holly Taylor as well. The table runner was laid out by my DH and is now waiting to be quilted. I think the colors came out nicely, especially with a solid green border.

    As we progress in March Madness and your son Will, my daugher Katie and I are sad that all our teams lost, I will offer up the words that I say as everyone drifts by my office to gloat when my geeky Duke team loses. I smile and say, “I cheer for them; I don’t coach them.”

    All the best.

  4. Particularly love the back of your Saw Tooth quilt. I am thrilled that you subscribe to my belief that the backs of quilts should also be beautiful. Woo Hoo!

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