Episode 77: Big Show Love

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The meet-up was grand! It was so fun to meet fellow podcasters and podcast listeners! Have fun looking at my out-of focus-pictures.

The real celebrities: The Podcast Listeners!

Tanesha and Pam!

One half of Jack, a blue-ribbon winner by Sandy Curran of Newport News, VA

The Bleak Midwinter by Ruth Powers of Carbondale, KS

Detail from A Bleak Midwinter

Detail from Sampler Gone Awry by Linda M. Fielder. I loved this quilt, but the picture I took of the whole thing is out-of-focus. Here’s one more detail, though:

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  1. Get the camera checked out if you have a problem with focus on a lot of pictures…. If you have close the shutter that should activate AUTO FOCUS. Have someone else take pictures (hubby) with the camera and he should be able to tell if it is a problem with the camera… his pictures will be out of focus too.A

    Be sure the battery is fully charged. If not AUTO FOCUS does not have enough power to work properly. I got a new battery on purpose for this purpose, gives me more options and better pictures.



  2. Miss Frances,
    Thank you for a lovely report on the Quilt Festival. I think 2 days at a big quilt show sounds great. I get very overwhelmed by the incredible visual assault when you first walk into a large show and see not just the show quilts but the vendor booths, too. It is hard for me to know where to look. I did see the “Jack” quilt at Road this year amongst other portrait quilts and he certainly looked great and lots of people were taking pictures of him. I also think a Snowy Owl art quilt would be just grand. Have a fun family trip. I love spring break.

  3. You are too kind! Thanks for mentioning me on the podcast! I have to tell you that I woke up this morning and didn’t feel like doing anything! I had decided I would do wimpy exercises in the house this morning. I listened to your podcast and was so tickled about you sharing my story that I decided to go out for a walk and did 4 miles! It was wonderful! Ziva (my dog) loved it too.

    I am so happy that I can help you out and am glad to help out anyone tackle their weight issues. I am 57 and am proof that old dogs CAN learn new tricks! lol

    I checked out Abe books and you are right! There are very reasonable prices on many books I am looking for. You’ll have to send me your address again so I can send you my credit card bill for all the books I plan to order. I tell ya, between you and Jaye, I am going to have to get a real job that pays real money to afford all these goodies. šŸ˜€

    Arkansas is further away than California is to the Atlantic shows. Really, it is! hehehehe I doubt I will ever make it there! Maybe Houston or Paducah one of these years though. (just musing) I’ve only gone to two big shows and they pale in comparison, Loved hearing about your experience and Sandy’s too. What fun you all had!

    Thanks for the podcast! And the kick-start to my day too. šŸ™‚
    (you celebrity, you!) hahahaha

  4. Hi Frances! Just had to tell you that i live in Oregon (Orygun to the locals hehe) and i even live in the Willamette Valley where i think you said Grandma’s Garden ( is that what it was called?) is! I havent heard of that place and am not sure where it is, but maybe its just an online store. thanks for a great podcast about the quilt show and all the rest…gonna go check out Abe books!

  5. Good Morning Frances
    I am enjoying working my way through the Fab 5 Podcaster’s reports of the show. It’s a kick getting different views of the same events. I think all of us get overwhelmed at shows, so I like the advice of foocusing on details of the specific quilts as opposed to pix of the whole quilt. The thing that I do is take a picture of the quilt maker’s info right after I take a picture of the quilt. That way, I remember what I was looking at!
    My sewing area is in our family room and my husband’s computer is in the office next door, so we were both listening to your podcast this AM. He was in the Navy in the VA Beach area and was chortling as you described all the roads you saw in trying to get home. Thank God for GPS.
    Enjoy Charleston; I have not been there since I was 3, but feel like I know the area from all Dorothea Benton Frank’s books. Speaking of books, I finished “Shooting the Moon” and thought it did a neat job of portraying the confusion about what a young adult knew about Vietnam as it was happening.
    I’ll send you a separate E-Mail about our meet-up. Yea!

  6. Great, GREAT! episode. You sounded so happy. I will try and make it to Mid-Atlantic next year, but Sandy had better be there, if I fly all the way to the East Coast!

  7. I loved hearing the podcast with all of you! It was a lot of fun! I’m sure I’m one of the many listeners who would have loved to be there too! I’m there is I ever get the chance to join you guys in a future meet-up!

  8. Really enjoyed hearing about the trip to the quilt show and the meet up. I am so grateful that all of the ladies have been talking about it on their podcasts.. I almost feel like I was there having fun with you all! And that Jack Nicholson quilt is un-be-flippin-real! WOW!

  9. OK, I’m ready to sign up for the next get together! It sounds like you had a blast, and it’s been a real treat to hear about it from all the ‘celebrities’. Love the photos, too. Have a great trip to Charleston. It’s where I grew up and lived most of my life. We were just there a couple weeks ago. Just for kicks, you should go to “Jack’s Cosmic Dogs”…best hotdogs ever, and Jack should like the name! It’s over the Cooper River bridge in Mt. Pleasant.
    There’s also a cute little fabric shop on Henrietta Street in downtown Charleston called People,Places,Quilts. It’s small, but I found some interesting Aboriginal fabric there last year. Enjoy!

  10. I am so jealous about your experience at the quilt show. How fortunate to have such a beautiful thing nearby. Thank you so much for sharing some of your experiences with us.

    I totally agree with your thoughts on exercising. I was given a terminal diagnosis of cancer, my second bout with the lovely disease, and am still alive and kicking ten years later. I credit exercise and my food choices for my longevity.

    BTW, name pronunciation is really easy. The “J” is silent. It’s a Swedish name but I say it like “Terry”. Make it easy on yourself.

    LOVE your podcast, you are my favorite. I also love listening to the writer who was largely responsible for transforming my reluctant younger reader son into a voracious teen reader. You touch lives with your writing work and you will never know how much it is appreciated.

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