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  1. Haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but I’m impressed with all the sewing you’re getting done, especially with kids, a house, and a career. Bravo!

  2. Hi Frances,

    You and Kelly the Vth must have been channeling your quilty mojo at me today. I actually woke up early, got some piecing done before work and then got the thrill of hearing my name on your podcast while driving in. Yay!

    I love batiks and the Sawtooth Star is lovely, with or without the dreaded green block. I admire the machine quilting; how do you keep your arms and back from aching as you wrestle things through the machine?

    I am so tempted to go to the Hampton show especially sinec you named all the podcasters that will be there. Are you guys meeting up or making a presentation or is it just the quilty stars sligning in Virginia?

    All the best.

  3. Love it Francis. I have always meant to do a sawtooth star quilt but somehow I get caught up with all the ‘new’ patterns in books and magazines. It is a shame as I think that some of the most effective quilts are those that only use one block. Will have to add making one to my list of to do’s! Best wishes

    1. You can use the parts of the Sawtooth Star Blocks as leaders and enders (Bonnie K. Hunter) and have it done in no time. You don’t need a pattern.

  4. Haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but didn’t want to forget to tell you that your pieced back is fabulous! You did a great job on the quilting. (Don’t you just love spirals?)

  5. Well – you just made me laugh a lot this podcast. I remember teenage days so well – a Vice Principal at one of my schools heard me calling one of my boys to wake him up for school on their “late” start day. Boy – did she give it to me. I also remember one of the boys told me I smiled too much. I don’t think my smiles matched his moods.

    Also – playing in the rain is one of my great childhood memories. Go you, you Hippie Mom. I bet you get a rep now as the mom who lets kids dance in the raindrops.

  6. Dear Frances,
    You and Pam joined me for my workout this morning. Did you like it? I am always on the bike at about mile 7 when you give your email address and then I forget it by the time I get to paper and pen. Will you send me a quick email so I can put the new-ish one in my address book? Pretty please? šŸ˜‰

    YAY! for pieced backs. I am so glad you did that. Pieced backs are great, but I might be biased, because I always do pieced backs. I have lots of fabric, so why not use it?

    I am sorry if I was mean about the Ultimate Color tool. Of course, you are using it! I should have known. So sorry. I always look at the packs I get and add and delete if necessary. KQ is owned by a private equity group (conglomerate? not exactly sure of the right name of that entity) that also owns QNM, Quiltmaker, Fons & Porter and a couple of other quilty “properties”. It is no longer owned by a group of ladies or a family. They are in the business to make money, thus it is important to layout the prospective fabrics and look at the color choices in the fabric packs, pre-cuts and fat quarter packs. Based on the light in your house and region, one of the fabrics may jump out at you as not being appropriate. You may also notice that there are too many mediums (jelly rolls, layer cakes and Moda lines tend to have a lot of mediums and not enough lights and darks). It is important to look at them and take out the ones that don’t work for you. Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree Quilts says to take out 20% of the fabrics in a line or fabric pack and add 20% of your own. This helps you to make a quilt that looks different from other people’s quilts and also helps you to get enough lights and darks in relation to the mediums. She designs fabric for Moda and she says this!!!

    You are doing a great job and I am so proud that you are going “off road” and making up your own quilt designs.

  7. I would love to meet all of you, but just do not think it’s going to happen this year. I do recommend everyone checking out the Annapolis Quilt Guild Challenge exhibit at the show. I was not a member at the time, but I loved all the things that everyone made from an Asian piece of fabric.

    Frances; I am trying to find your E-Mail since I may be in your area in a few weeks. Could you send me a note at thompst7@yahoo.com ??

    Have fun everyone!

  8. I LOVE your saw tooth stars quilt. The colors are “my”colors. I especially like how you did your back and the circle quilting is fab!

    I just finished “The Boy in the Moon”. Thank you so much for reviewing it. The author voiced many of the same emotional struggles I am terrified to voice as I raise my own medically challenged, though not nearly as challenged, child. I read it in a morning and simply could not put it down.

  9. Hey Frances,
    As always, I enjoyed your podcast. That star quilt is beautiful and I love your quilted spirals. I still have not decided how to quilt my most recent finished quilt top, but spirals just might be in the mix. You mentioned your hexagon pieces needed to be put together and this video may help:


    If this link won’t open up, go to: http://www.themodernquiltguild.com and enjoy all the quilts shown during their 100 days – you will find the hexagon sewing video on the older posts (at the bottom) on page 8 that will link you over to the Lady Harvatine blog. She makes machine sewing of the hexies look easy.

    Hmm, not too sure about that red and white star block, but seeing other blocks with it might make a difference.

    Keep up the good work!
    BjoLiz (Bjo = bow….so, bow liz)

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