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  1. They look smashing! I spent a whole day on the couch watching Downton Abby…was going to watch it and sew. The watching and sewing lasted about 5 minutes and I was hooked! I use netflix as I live on a ranch with only 3 channels. Wonder when they will release season 2 to netflix. I really enjoy your pod cast.. Thanks for sharing your time and talents. Shelly Beth

  2. I’ve yet to listen to the episode but wanted to pop in and say that both of your finishes look great. The quilt is awesome – it has a really cozy look to it, and those cushions are great. Love the fabric.

  3. The star quilt is beautiful! I scrolled down and saw the mismatched “green” block, and I agree that it didn’t fit with the rest of the quilt. Great job on editing! The pillows are also fabulous! I notice they both look well with the bowl in the previous post.

  4. I like the green star in this quilt. It adds so much interest. And I think you made a good choice in switching out the bolder green for the more foresty green. Keep that other star though. Peridot is my favorite color of green and it may inspire you in another quilt. I think of bright yellow green as the color of happiness and health. (My daughter made me a “My Mama is Well” necklace in college with a silver chain, a beautiful peridot, and a little diamond after I had been sick some years ago. Whenever I see this color, I feel happy.)

  5. I think the decision to swap out the green star was a great one… I’ve found myself in that situation, but it’s so hard to make the decision to go back and change something like that when I’m so close to being otherwise done!

    I’m diggin’ the pillows, too…. My couch is looking a little bare, and I desperately need to put pillows on my to-do list.

  6. very nice. Love the pillows as well. I also love the idea of using a stick to hang your quilt. I hope you post a picture of that as well. I am glad that you are feeling better!

  7. Beautiful work on both the pillows and your quilt. This just might inspire me to finish a 20×20 pillow cover in batiks that has been tucked away in my drawer for 2 years now! Loved the bowl too. I am a pottery fan. A friend of mine has a kiln and I asked her to make me a yarn bowl for knitting – it is fabulous! All the more so because she had no idea what that was and made it from my description and her own research. But what really makes it special is that she made it…for me! 🙂

  8. You were the first pod-cast I listened to and the first one where I’m leaving a note. I went to Duke and our daughter goes to NC State, so it’s fun hearing you talk about places that I love. If we didn’t live in the Annapolis, Maryland area [my family is all here], I would be happy to live in the Triangle.

    I have not made a “Lintott Gals” quilt yet, although I have the books and enjoy your comments on the same. I love the batiks and how they work together. I agree that the green Sawtooth did not play well with the others; how about a St. Patrick’s Day wall hanging or give away?

    Thanks so much for not only your words, but for mentioning other podcasters that I now enjoy. I have a 60 mile round trip commute every day; you are all keeping me company there and on the weekends, which is really the only time I have for concentrated quilting. I admire Kelly the Fifth for quilting before school but I have claw marks on my pillow every day from not wanting to get up; just not a morning person.

    My parents raised us all on “Masterpiece Theatre,” so “Downton Abbey” is a treat and I’m thrilled that people are enjoying that and the Kate Morton books. You might like the “Flambards” books or mini-series from the 1970’s; they are set in the same time period with quite a bit of “Great War” content.

    You mentioned tag lines; Dad named me after Queen Victoria and I quilt on the weekends, so I guess that makes me the “Weekend Quilting Queen?”

    All the best.

    1. If you also like non-quilty podcasts – with your long commute you might enjoy the Bowery Boys, too, if you don’t already. They are similar to the History Chicks in style but tell the story of NYC. I also love Star Talk with Neil de Grasse Tyson.

      1. Thanks; I will look them up. PBS did a TV series on NYC History a while back that was very good.

        The Mystery Palace has some short history stories that are nice when I am running errands. I listened to a bunch of them on Saturday as I was traveling to a class on Sheri Pape’s “Basket Lattice” quilt. The quilt is very cool, but I could not figure out the piecing to save my life. It was a long commute from Annapolis to Hagerstown, but the snow-covered mountain trees were breath-taking and the class was worth it.

    2. Love your comment about claw marks on your pillow! A new classic. Glad you are enjoying Frances. She is awesome. I enjoy audiobooks as well as podcasts.

      1. The claw marks are true and not just because the cat wants to wander over the bed. I could get so much more done if I could just get myself up.

        I did manage to start downloading the “Bowery Boys” that Kelly recommended, but have not had a chance to listen yet.

        Where do you get the Color Wheel that you recommend for Frances?

  9. I like the stars. Since it’s already done, why not use the bright green star for a pillow? Then it would be there but not THERE.

  10. Yes indeed the green had to go. The wall hanging looks great. Its amazing how we try to make certain colors work just because we like the color or we did all that work to put the block together and after all our trying to make it work… it just doesn’t. :(. Stitch on.

  11. Frances. Frances. Frances. What am I going to do with you? When will you learn to keep your Ultimate Color Tool to hand? If I look at mine and compare it to the colors in your quilt, ( I am looking at card 23, which might be wrong in real life) I see two greens and neither of them are bright and there are many other non-green choices. PLEASE keep your Ultimate Color Tool at hand. PLEASE! I am down on my knees begging.

    OK, I am up now and we are moving on.

    I am glad you ripped the star out when it didn’t please you. If I think to myself “oh, it will be ok”, I know it will never be ok and whatever the problem is will always bug me. Ripping is a meditation where you enjoy improving your quilt.

    Finally, I know you said you found your seam ripper, but I am pretty sure your seam ripper showed up at my house and is now cavorting in the box next to my sewing machine with my seam ripper. I don’t know why I have two in there and your comments about losing yours answered my question.

  12. PS My guild has a very active donation quilt program, so if you want to send the Hexagon Garden top to me, I will give it to them with due credit, of course. And put some borders on the green block and send it to Pam for a cat mat. Just saving your grandchildren some time. 😉

  13. I love the pillows! Oh, I love the quilt too…it’s BEE-U-TEE-FULL. Love your podcast, I enjoy listening to you so much, and especially enjoy your ‘ramblings’, which I don’t consider ramblings at all…keep it up!

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